15 Best Gambling Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

Today, the global gambling industry is worth something close to $38 billion. Online gambling comprises of everything from casino style, and poker games to sports betting. Poles reveal that the average person spends an estimated $250 annually on gambling or betting. Nevertheless, someone who considers themselves a non-gambler will willingly buy that national or local lottery ticket. These statistics show how lucrative the gambling industry is.

We, affiliates, are always looking out for a promising niche to make some good money from. Although it is quite competitive, you can make some good cash if you are ready to put in the effort. So, are you brave enough to set foot in this industry? Here are some of the best gambling affiliate programs you can join.

List of the best Gambling Affiliate Programs

  • Ignition Casino
  • Fan Duel
  • Bet365
  • Betfair
  • WorldWinner
  • Intertops Poker
  • BitcoinPenguin
  • FortuneJack Affiliates
  • Bovada.lv Poker
  • Gambling Wages
  • LegendAffiliates
  • Slotland Affiliates
  • Oshi Affiliates
  • Web Partners
  • The Action Network
  • Draft Kings

1. Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino Affiliate Program

Ignition Casino incorporates cutting-edge software to their casino online casino and poker rooms. It offers hundreds of exciting casino games. Their website is easily navigable through mobile and iOS, providing a safe gaming environment. Ignition members receive a welcome bonus of $2,000, plus frequent bonuses and promotion offers.

Best Partners monitor Their affiliate program. Ignition Casino offers affiliates with text links, banner ads, and content as marketing aids. Besides, they get to track their commissions, payouts, and referrals through the affiliate dashboard.

Why Promote Ignition Casino? The website has an excellent game selection, uses cutting-edge software, not mentioning their exciting welcome bonus. Affiliates have the privilege of joining the CPA program in preference to the Standard revenue share commissions. With Ignition Casino, you get to earn a mouth-watering 24-45% commission and an unlimited cookie life.

2. FanDuel

Fanduel Affiliate Program

FanDuel is among the best world’s renowned fantasy sports websites, having more than 6 million subscribers. It lets the user watch live games and earn real cash. Its members can participate in tournaments, games, and live competitions against friends. Visitors only need to sign up, select a contest and player match, then play to win cash or just for fun.

FanDuel Partners with Income Access to monitor their affiliate program. It is among the top-ranking gambling affiliate programs, offering its affiliates with videos, banner ads, text links, and more. Also, marketers get to track their clicks, registrations, deposits, and impressions through the website’s affiliate dashboard.

Why Promote FanDuel? It is a leading fantasy sports program, offering affiliates two commission plans, either through Revenue Share or Cost Per Acquisition. For CPA, members earn a $25-35, and 35% in Revenue Share. Furthermore, they offer an extensive 30-day cookie duration.

3. Bet365

Bet365 Affiliate Program

If you are a sports fan, I suppose you have come across Bet365 somewhere in those sports adverts. Well, Bet365 is among the most extensive online gambling companies’ worldwide, massing around 22 million customers. Bet365 is a one-wallet system that lets its players enjoy the same payment and login method for their poker, games, casino, and Sportsbook. Besides sports and games betting, they also provide sporting events and video streams.

Bet365 manages its affiliate program through Proprietary software management. Their affiliates can enjoy their program as they offer reports, creative, and leading tools. Also, they have reliable support staff in case you need help with maximizing your earnings.

Why Promote Bet365? It is a world-leading gambling group. They offer a single login for all sites; hence affiliates can earn commissions generated from all gaming and betting activities (regardless of the website). Affiliates make an enticing 30% commission, not mentioning the extended 45-day cookie duration.

4. Betfair

Betfair Affiliate Program

Many refer to it as the ‘nest generation’ in the online sports gambling industry. Betfair is a reputable, legal betting platform for horse racing gambling. Besides, it also offers poker, casino, among other games. The set age minimum for members is 21 years and must be a resident of New Jersey.

Betfair uses NetRefer to monitor their affiliate program. They offer no minus carryovers and full cross-product earnings for affiliates. Also, their members can have access to friendly tracking tools and Sportsbook. Betfair is dedicated to growing their brands and aims to help affiliates maximize their earnings.

Why Promote Betfair? It is a legalized sports betting, no negative carryovers, and provides signup offers. Affiliates can devise new ways to improve their marketing performance and increase conversions. Betfair offer affiliates a nice 30% commission, and extended 45-day cookie duration.

5. WorldWinner

Worldwinner Affiliate Program

WorldWinner allows users to participate in online tournaments and earn real cash. Some of their popular games include, but not limited to, Solaitre rush, Wheel of Fortune, Vegas Nights, and Angry Birds. WorldWinner uses a ‘fair-match’ system that eliminates chances for luck, making it challenging for all hence requiring mastery of skills.

WorldWinner’s affiliate can promote the company through YouTube channels, websites, and social media profiles. They monitor their affiliate program using Commission Junction. Also, they give members special offers, regular updates, and promotional assets.

Why Promote WorldWinner? They have an excellent game selection, emphasize equality through their matching system, and have special offers. Affiliates earn a 25% commission on the first deposit made their lead participates in the tournament. Besides, they offer a cookie session.

6. Intertops Poker

Intertops Affiliate Program

Intertops Poker is among the oldest gambling website (since 1996), and one of the most reputable online poker tournament brands. $1,000 welcome bonus, in addition to frequent offers and promotions. Besides poker games, Intertops Poker also offers live betting, two casinos, and free Sportsbook.

Intertops monitor their affiliate program using Income Access. They provide affiliates with custom reports, no negative carryovers, content, and various tracking tools. Their members get to market and earn commissions for all their niches from a single account.

Why Promote Intertops Poker? It is a reputable poker brand, enticing welcome bonus, and the fact that affiliates get to earn commissions from a single account. If you are going to join their program, check out more about their commission earnings for each niche by reading the terms & conditions. Affiliates can earn a commission of up to 35%, and maximize on the lifetime cookie duration.

7. BitcoinPenguin

BitcoinPenguin Affiliate Program

BitcoinPenguin is a state-of-the-art Bitcoin casino, offering quality player attention and attractive commission rates. They have an excellent game selection, including video poker, roulette, poker, card games, and more. The company supports other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Dogecoin.

BitcoinPenguin monitors its affiliate program using SoftSwiss. Their affiliates benefit from their wide range of tracking and marketing tools, privacy, and no minimum player quotas. In case you have any queries, their support staff is always ready to help.

Why Promote BitcoinPenguin? They allow Cryptocurrency betting, quick deposits, and withdrawals. They pay their commissions in Bitcoin and no negative carryovers. As their affiliate, you get to earn a commission of 25-50%. Members maximize on the 30-day cookie duration.

8. FortuneJack Affiliates

Fortunejack Partners Affiliate Program

FortuneJack’s affiliate program (Fortune Jack Affiliates) is a Bitcoin casino company that was founded in 2014. Some of their product and service selection includes a casino, dice, blackjack, live casino, just to name a few.

The founders of this program have an over 2-decade experience in the gambling industry. FortuneJack Affiliates monitor their affiliate program using in-house tracking softwares. Their members receive payments monthly in Cryptocurrency.

Why Promote FortuneJack Affiliates? FortuneJack is a Bitcoin casino, thus attracts a vast audience. They offer multiple affiliate tools, creatives, and detailed performance reports to help them maximize their earnings. Also, affiliates get to earn an enticing 30-60% commission, not mentioning their 30-day cookie trial.

9. Bovada.lv Poker

Bovada Affiliate Program

Bovada.lv. poker is a US-based betting website, allowing users to participate in poker tournaments, video poker, and various other poker games. Users benefit from their easy-to-follow guides on setting up an account and join the online gaming community. Besides poker, they also offer selected sports betting and casino games services.

Bovada.lv poker partners with Best Partners to monitor their affiliate program. They offer affiliates marketing content and monitoring tools to help them get started.

Why Promote Bovada.lv Poker? They have interactive software, excellent game selection, and no negatives carryovers. Affiliates get to earn a 10-35% commission, and 45% for casino games. Besides, they guarantee users a lifetime cookie duration.

10. Gambling Wages

Gamblingwages Affiliate Program

Gambling Wages is a US-based casino and poker brand promoting selected gaming websites in the US. Some of their brands are Club Player, Dreams Casino, Ruby Slots, Cool Cat Casino, to name a few. Gambling wages’ brands feature an excellent selection of casino, poker, and card games.

Gaming Wages understand the need for affiliates in their business module and work with them to attract and retain users through re-deposit bonuses, exclusive promotions, and caring support staff. They manage their affiliate program using in-house softwares. Affiliates get aces to customized marketing strategies and creatives, quality casino brands, and reporting tools.

Why Promote Gambling Wages? They provide affiliates marketing strategies, and exclusive promotion offers. They offer members a commission rate of up to 40%. The minimum withdrawal is $100, which means an affiliate can receive payouts sooner. It also provides an unlimited cookie duration.

11. LegendAffiliates

Legend Affiliates Program

Created by veterans to offer marketers exclusive brands and enticing commissions, LegendAffiliates has been around for more than 50 years. The company emphasizes fast withdrawals, marketing renowned brands in the US such as CherryJackpot, Roaring 21, and CasinoMax.

Decorated marketer, Martyn Beacon, monitors their affiliate program. They have no negative carryovers, and affiliates can access reporting tools, and quality creatives to maximize their earnings.

Why Promote LegendAffiliates? It markets some popular US brands and guarantees a lasting cookie duration. Affiliates earn a 25-45% commission with LegendAffiliates but can enjoy a 50% commission during their starting two months.

12. Slotland Affiliates

Slotland Affiliates Program

Slotland Casino’s affiliates program, Slotland Affiliates, markets some of the most popular casino brands in the US, with a great casino game selection. Some of these brands include CryptoSlots, Win a Day Casino, and Free Slots land. Common game offers include keno, video poker, slots, and roulette. One upside about their brands is that they are compatible with mobile devices. Thus, there is no need for complicated software downloads.

They use in-house softwares to monitor their affiliate programs. Affiliates have access to quality tracking tools, excellent support staff, and creatives. Offer members two commission plans to choose from.

Why Promote Scotland Affiliates? They offer affiliates a quick payout plan (monthly), and no negative carryovers. Besides, they market some of US’ popular brands, hence easy to amass an audience. The commission rate is 15-30%, and the lasting cookie duration guarantees fulltime earnings.

13. Oshi Affiliates

Oshi Affiliates Program

Oshi Casino’s affiliate program, Oshi Affiliates, is a Bitcoin casino brand popularly known for offering 20 different welcome bonuses. Their users get to enjoy an excellent game selection, which is mobile compatible. Payments can be made through conventional means or Cryptocurrency.

Oshi Casino partners with SoftSwiss to monitor their affiliate program. They do not bundle or carry over negatives. Their affiliates can access a wide range of marketing tools, landing pages, customized marketing strategies, and custom banners.

Why Promote Oshi Affiliates? They offer marketing tools, welcome and daily bonuses. The commission rate for affiliates goes up to 55%.

The only negative about Oshi Affiliates is their 25% admin deduction on all commission earnings.

14. Web Partners

Webpartners Affiliate Program

Web Partners is another recognized affiliate program for Sportsbook, casinos, and racebook brands. Some of the reputable brands they market include MyBookie Casino, MyBookie Racebook, MyBookie Casino, to name a few.

Web Partners provide affiliates with the best services to help them maximize their earnings. These include reporting, excellent support staff, marketing tools, and monthly payouts. Their comprehensive product selection foe minor and major sports make it easy to generate leads.

Why Promote Web Partners? They offer affiliates a high commission, 50% for a startup, and 25-35% for the rest of the time. They offer members a 15-day cookie duration.

15. The Action Network

The Action Network Affiliate Program

The Action Network is a reputable sports analytic leader and trusted source for sporting news by fans across the world. Their premium insights, odds, betting tools, and analysis help enhance the user’s betting experience. They have a mobile-compatible app, hence easy to monitor your bets and play.

The Action Network monitors its affiliate program using ShareASale. They offer affiliates with tracking and marketing tools to help them get started. Their support staff is readily available whenever needed.

Why Promote The Action Network? They offer game analysis and have a compatible mobile app, hence quite popular in the US gambling market. Affiliates get to earn a $9 commission and maximize from an extended 30-day cookie life.

16. Draft Kings

Draft Kings Affiliate Program

Founded in 2012, Draft Kings is a reputable brand in fantasy sports gambling. They provide Sportsbook, and online casino games. Some conventional sports betting offered include tennis, NASCAR, football, and more.

Draft Kings has a vast, loyal customer base. They use in-house softwares to monitor their affiliate program. Affiliates get access to creatives, and various marketing tools, to maximize their earnings.

Why Promote Draft Kings? It is one of the most respectable sport betting websites. Affiliates get to enjoy a 40% commission for the first month and 25% onwards. Besides, they have a long cookie life.


These are the best gambling affiliate programs. What you have to do now is select a promising niche- it can be online poker, Bitcoin gambling, or even table games. Put in the effort to amass significant traffic and start making your money. We hope this article gives you a head start, but do additional research before joining any affiliate program.

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