18 Best Sports Affiliate Programs for Sports Bloggers in 2024

Best Sports Affiliate Programs

Did you know that the sports industry globally is worth around $614.1 billion? It translates to our understanding that sports fans are more than willing to spend money as long as they are spending money on the products or services that resonate with them. The sports industry covers not only associated sports but also events, merchandise, writing, equipment and gear and, the world of fantasy sports.

Sports activities target those who play sports as well as the fans. When sports are a tremendous part of someone’s life, they will invest in the things that will enable them to enjoy it. The industry is a market that diversifies, and one that you can tap into, especially if you can access profitable sports affiliate programs to promote. An affiliate can engage with this market and make money from a single website.

We have prepared an insight into some of the best sports affiliate programs to help you make the best selection. Stick along as this guide will not only help you to learn about the best selection but also get an insight into their features, pricings as well as an unbiased verdict.

List of the best sports affiliate programs that you can work with.

  • LeftLane Sports
  • Fanatics
  • Fanduel
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • AL’s Sporting Goods
  • Baseball Rampage
  • Play Your Court
  • Enigma Fishing
  • Eastern Mountain Sports
  • Fitbit
  • Leather Head Sports
  • Soccer Garage
  • Gainful
  • Hidrate Spark

1. LeftLane Sports

Leftlane Sports Affiliate Program

Considered as one of the leading members when it comes to sporting goods, Leftlane Sports has high conversions, huge discounts, and great commission rates. Membership to this platform is free. You have access to an affiliate manager once you sign up with them. As a member, you receive 90 days returns and a 14 days price drop guarantee.

They also offer performance incentives to their affiliates with 70% off for top name brands such as Teva, Adidas, Columbia, and KEEN. Affiliates earn up to 10% commission. The cookie duration is 60 days. LeftLane sports also works with local operators in 7 continents.


They have high conversions; almost 5x industry average, huge discounts, and great commission rates.

2. Fanatics Sports Apparel Affiliate Program

Fanatics Affiliate Program

Fanatics is an online retail shop for merchandise from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, UFC, MLS, NASCAR, and many others. The merchandise is officially licensed. The platform has something for every sports fan. It offers 365-day returns and rewards so that your savings can continue to grow.

As an affiliate with fanatics, you can earn a commission of up to 10% for every sale, this is dependent on the traffic you generate. The conversion rate is at two percent, but it increases depending on the season. The cookie duration is seven days. The platform does not allow any paid searches, but the high commission potential should keep you interested. Affiliates receive the tools necessary to help them succeed.


It is one of the largest online licensed sports affiliate programs in the world, has a high commission potential, and a good retail cookie life.

3. Fanduel fantasy sports affiliate program

Fanduel Sports Affiliate Program

FanDuel is changing the game in fantasy sports. They provide marketing banners, tracking links, videos, and exclusive promotions for you to promote. You earn a revenue share from player referrals. When a player signs up to FanDuel using your link, you share in that revenue. Being part of this program is free; you also get marketing tools free to use. With FanDuel, they pay you a onetime fee for each new user. The rates start at $25 and go up to $35 per player.


It has a high conversion rate, long cookie life, and a large selection of sports products.

4. Sports Memorabilia Affiliate Program

Sports Memorabilia Affiliate Program

They are in the business of selling sports memorabilia. The name hits the nail on the head. The sports memorabilia market has been a valuable one, and it continues to flourish as time progresses. The flourishing is, in part, credited to the digital space. If you have a sport-related website, you can benefit from an affiliation with Sports Memorabilia.

Here you can sell everything from balls, shirts, trading cards to caps. It is not limiting. They assure you of 100% authenticity when it comes to their products; hence your credibility with your clients remains intact. Their order value is around$220.18 and an array of items, all of which you pay a 12% commission per sale. The cookie duration is 30 days.


They have high conversions, huge discounts, and great commission rates.

5. AL’s Sporting Goods Affiliate Program

AL’s Sporting Brands carries top sports name brands such as Nike, The North Face, Yeti, and well-known brands that bring more customers and better conversions. For every sport in every season, they have the gears. The vast selection they have makes it easier for you to market different sports. As an affiliate, you get specific discount promotions, and for each sale sent to the platform, you receive a 10% commission. They have a cookie life of 150 days, meaning you will receive credit from your link in 5 months.


They have a high average order amount, high commission rate, and extremely long cookie life.

6. Baseball Rampage Affiliate Program

Does the name give it away? Since 1966 Baseball rampage has been selling baseball equipment and gear. Their products are of high quality and available at affordable prices. They also allowed retailers for Under Armour, Nokona, Mizuno, Wilson, and many more. Their affiliate program is flexible, and they are not as strict with the PPC bidding rules. However, do not bid under their trademarked terms and variations.

As an affiliate, you will receive custom banners, product showcase creator, PopShops, and comprehensive data feeds. These are essential marketing tools. The commission is 9% for every sale. The cookie life for Baseball rampage affiliates is 365 days.


They have a huge variety of sport products, good conversation rate, and a long cookie life.

7. Play Your Court Tennis Affiliate Program

Play Your Court has everything you need to improve your tennis game, it has been in business since 2008. Scott Baxter, a tennis professional, founded it. One can state that Play Your Court has taken a simplistic approach, but the outstanding thing is that the method yields results. Play Your Court sends you a tennis coach to train you in your neighborhood court.

As a tennis novice, this helps you to cut out the stress of looking for a professional coach and heading to their club for your training sessions. The coaches have PTR or USPTA certifications; therefore, one can get training at their experience level and abilities. Tennis is a hobby that can turn into a profession with the right guidance. Play Your Court is your way to sell to a tennis novice the possibility of improving their game or encouraging someone to take up the sport. The commission rate is $15 per sale, and the cookie duration is 90 days.


It has a high conversion rate, long cookie life, and a large selection of products.

8. Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program

Enigma Fishing focuses on taking fishing as a sport to the next level. They facilitate everything from helping one find a fishing rod to finding sponsorships because of their skillset. Fishing has an audience when it comes to recreation, but it is more than that. Anglers spend when it comes to their equipment, but it trickles down to food and lodging during their fishing trips.

It helps you understand fishing can be more than just a hobby. Through the Enigma Fishing affiliate program, you get a 20% offer, which is generous. Signing up with them could add 5% to your website revenue. The cookie duration is 90 days, and they do not offer auto-approval of affiliates.


They have a high conversion rate, a huge selection of sports products, and long cookie life.

9. Eastern Mountain Sports Affiliate Program

Eastern Mountain Sports focuses on the outdoor industry, and it has around 60 retail stores. They stock name brands like Mountain Hardware, GoPro, Patagonia, Merrell, The North Face, and many others. From their site, you can get impressive deals and even more discounts from their outlet shops.

They offer customers purchase guarantees, where one can return items for a full refund. The purchase guarantees are the best way for customers to try out new products from them. Affiliates receive a 7% commission for every sale. If you are a high-volume affiliate, you receive a commission of up to 9% for every sale generated. They have a 60-day cookie life.


They have high conversions, huge discounts, and great commission rates.

10. Fitbit Health and Fitness Tracking Affiliate Program

For everything, health and fitness tracking Fitbit is the go-to platform. Fitbit has trackers for your health goals, fitness level, and budget. Fitbit has something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for in a Fitbit tracker. Affiliates with Fitbit earn commissions of 10% for every sale generated. The percentage increases for high volume affiliates.

They are industry leaders in their field, and that translates to high conversion rates, which means as an affiliate, your sales will be high. You will be promoting popular products in the market. They use Commission Junction to manage the affiliate program. They have a cookie life of 45 days.


It has a high conversion rate, long cookie life, and a large selection of sports products.

11. Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program

Paul Cunningham founded Leather Head Sports, with the premise of the love of play is universal. They create custom made leather balls for football, rugby, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Leather Head sports products provide affiliates with a unique selling point. Their products target people who are not necessarily sporting fans. One can purchase their goods as a collectible. The commission rate is 10%, and the cookie duration is 60 days.


They have a great conversion, best discounts on name brands every day, and huge commission rates.

12. Dick’sSportingGoods – Sports Equipment Affiliate Program

Dick’s Sporting Goods, which was founded in 1948 is now one of the largest chains providing sports goods. They offer everything sports-related; equipment, apparel, footwear, accessories, and more.

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. They provide a decent cookie life for easy conversion of Dick’s high-quality sports products. Even though the commission rates are low, they make up for it with their high average order values.

13. Soccer Garage Affiliate Program

Soccer Garage specializes in soccer equipment and apparel. The Soccer Garage headquarters is in San Juan Capistrano, California. They have one of the largest soccer showrooms in the country that specializes in soccer; hence they have in stock current products at competitive prices. They offer free ground shipping when your order is above $100, and their conversion rate is steadily over three percent.

As an affiliate, your commission ranges from7-10 % from the sales on your website. The affiliate program operates on the Commission Junction network, but it is open to anyone who would like to earn some extra money. You only receive credit from banners and the links you place on your website. The cookie’s life is 60 days.


They have a high conversion rate, long cookie life, and huge selection of products.

14. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

You can earn up to 9% for sales generated from your site. They have partnered with Partnerize to manage affiliate commissions. Their minimum payout is $25.

15. TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program

Taylormade provides premium clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories to golf players. It is a popular name among golf enthusiasts. They give up to 5% commission and have a decent cookie life of 30 days.

16. CWM Cricket Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn up to 10% on every sale made through their website or social media handle. Refersion manages their affiliate programs.

17. Gainful Protein Powder Affiliate Program

What do you know about the protein powder you take after your workout? Is it right for your body or you just picked it up because it was there? Gainful has a range of different protein powder blends that suit individual needs. You can take a quiz on their website, which will help you in finding out the protein powder tailormade for you. Gainful allows you to choose the flavor you want, making your protein powder personalized. As an affiliate, you gain $30 per sale. It is an easy product to market, especially when you get your target audience. The cookie duration is 30 days.


It has a high conversion rate, long cookie life, and a large variety of protein products.

18. Hidrate Spark

Have you ever heard of a smart water bottle that keeps track of how much water you drink? Or, one that flashes when it is reminding you to drink water? That is Hidrate Spark. It meets a need that you never knew you had. It is the very definition of a niche product, and it falls under the category of an impulse buy product. They pay a 10% commission; however, the cookie duration is seven days.


The affiliate program is well-known for its large selection of sports products, huge conversion rates, and decent cookie life.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, sports affiliate programs are one of the most effective methods to monetize your sports blog. The above selections are not only best in the market but also offer exceptional results for any sports blogger. Note that before you make your selection, ensure you review its features to get your ideal match.

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