15 Best Yoga Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best yoga affiliate programs

It is not too long when yoga was seen as nothing more than a hobby for hippies. However, times have changed, and yoga studios are popping up everywhere. In fact, yoga has become a way of life for some. In the US, the yoga industry is worth a whopping nine billion dollars annually. In 2015, close to forty million people engaged in Yoga in the US. This number has risen to more than fifty-five million. This has created a massive demand for products and services relevant to practicing yoga.

For affiliate marketers, creating content that is related to yoga enthusiasts can earn you good cash. Yoga affiliate programs offer opportunities for you to promote products and services related to yoga and earn a commission. Here is an exclusive look at the best yoga affiliate programs that best serve your interest in monetizing your website or personal blog.

List of the Best Yoga Affiliate Programs

  • Yoga Download
  • Wai Lana
  • Jade Yoga
  • Manduka
  • Barefoot Yoga
  • Brilliant Yoga
  • Healthy Moving
  • Yoga Club
  • Yoga Burn
  • Yogabody
  • Yoga Direct
  • Bookyoga retreats
  • Man Flow Yoga
  • Gaiam
  • Bean Products
  • Siddhi Yoga

1. YogaDownload

Yoga Download

YogaDownload features a well-established online yoga program that consists of other activities such as fitness, meditation, barre, and Pilates. These yoga classes are harmonized with music to make it easier to follow along. They have yoga retreat programs as well. As an affiliate, you will earn 10-12 percent on sales with a three-month cookie duration. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale.

Why Should You Promote

YogaDownloads has an excellent rating of 4.7 on Trustpilot. They provide generous commission rates of 10 to 30%, many marketing materials, and coupons, and attractive banners. They also have an extensive music catalog that would attract a vast range of audiences.

2. Wai Lana

Wai Lana

Wai Lana features an online platform of the most loved and viewed yoga TV series in the world that airs on five continents. They also feature the biggest digital selection of yoga accessories and mats and high-quality Pilate’s products and kid’s yoga products. People can also access the Wai Lana’s Relaxation Club, healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, and online meditation.

Why Should You Promote

Wai Lana has a competitive commission rate, a high average sales amount of $90, and a long cookie life.

3. Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga

This is another excellent brand that deals with various yoga products that are suitable for both experienced and beginner yogis. The company was dedicated to fixing the slippery quality of Yoga mats and the low-cost meditation plastic material that can be toxic. They produced the first organic rubber, non-toxic yoga mat, from organic cotton tapped from renewable trees. Jade Yoga has continued to take care of the community and the environment by planting a tree for every product they sell.

The affiliate program is a way of thanking their ambassadors and the community. As an affiliate marketer, you will earn a twenty percent commission on every sale you refer to. The affiliate program is managed by Refersion, who provide you with banners and links to place on your website.

Why Should You Promote

With the current increasingly environmentally conscious society, this is the brand you should be associating yourself with. They have high-quality and durable products and also have very high commission rates.

4. Manduka


Manduka is a famous producer of the most pursued yoga mat. It also features other products, including clothing and gear, making it a one-stop-shop for any yoga enthusiasts. From comfortable yoga clothing such as tops and leggings to towels, they are all available at Manduka. Another great feature of Manduka is, the online yoga classes are available in live as well as recorded sessions. Recorded classes are perfect for busy yogis.

Why Should You Promote

Manduka offers a competitive commission rate, it’s a top brand in yoga, and its products and services are highly sought after.

5. Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga

This is a widely known brand that has established retail stores across Europe and North America. Established in 1996, Barefootyoga has more than 5000 products on offer, including yoga mats, blankets, meditation supplies, and blocks. These are all high-quality products ideal for experienced and starter yogis. They give a 10 percent commission of the total sales and a 60 days long cookie length, which is excellent.

Why Should You Promote

The brand is well recognized throughout the world and offers you a massive range of promotional materials. Also, the program features an exquisite dashboard to track your sales and commission.

6. Brilliant Yoga

Brilliant Yoga

This one features a Brilliant Yoga EBook that features Yoga wellbeing and weight loss success system. The eBook was developed by yoga teachers together with a team of experts for you to feel better without the use of modern medicine. The purchase comes with free bonus material, risk-free eight weeks money-back guarantee, and excellent after-sales support. Affiliates will earn an extremely high 70 percent commission on each transaction with a two-month cookie duration. Their eBook is currently going for $47, which gives you a significant profit potential for each sale.

Why Should You Promote

The commission rate is exceptionally high, with many marketing materials and twice-monthly payouts.

7. Healthy Moving

Healthy Moving

Jen Hoffman is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a qualified restorative exercise specialist, and the founder of Healthy Moving. She gives guidelines that you don’t have to work out as your body is not molded by how you exercise but by how you position your body at all times, and it has already worked with lots of clients and students. Affiliates earn a very high 30 percent commission on all sales with a six-month cookie life, so you have plenty of time to accumulate your sales.

Why Should You Promote

They offer an excellent commission rate, six months cookie duration, and each course features with a money-back assurance that makes it likely for lots of people to sign up.

8. YogaClub


This is a website that sells an increasing number of yoga clothing lines and natural healthcare products. As an affiliate, you will earn 15 to 20 percent commission on every sale you refer via your affiliate link. YogaClub affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius, who will pay you via PayPal.

Why Should You Promote

Competitive commission rates, a wide range of products, and a non-specified cookie duration to allow you to achieve reasonable monthly earnings.

9. Yoga Burn


Yoga Burn is a twelve-week digital program aimed at women who want to restore their good shape without hitting hard workouts. It is provided through the ClickBank Marketplace. The program offers customers immediate access to an online download but is also told to get some physical products.

Why Should You Promote

According to statistics, Yoga Burn is the bestselling yoga product on ClickBank currently. It has a gravity score of 40 and you will also earn a $19 per sale, which is not that bad.

10. Yogabody


The company was established in 2007 by Lucas Rockwood at his Yoga Studio. Today, the company is an internationally recognized education and nutrition organization serving more than eighty countries. Yogabody.com features a wide variety of Yoga products, and website visitors can download yoga sequences and recipes for free, listen to their podcasts, and watch videos. Anyone who has interests in YogaBody products and has a yoga, wellness, or health website or a social media following is open to join their affiliate program. They use accurate and easy to use Ultracart to manage their affiliate system.

Why Should You Promote

They have a competitive commission rate of 20% and a cookie duration of one year which is exceptionally long. You can earn from referral commissions(10%) of the affiliates you refer to the program. An excellent rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot shows their reputation among the yoga community.

11. YogaDirect


Yoga Direct has been in the yoga industry for decades and is among the most significant direct manufacturer and importer of high-grade Yoga mats, balls, clothing, and equipment. They provide international shipping to 27 countries, and orders are shipped within 24 hours. You can earn a 10% commission of each sale through their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can access their data feed that features more than 1100 products, coupons and deals, broad keyword lists for PPC campaigns, and a monthly newsletter.

Why Should You Promote

The program offers high commission rates, fast shipping, high average order size, and lowest prices guarantee.

12. BookYogaRetreats

Bookyogaretreats by tripaneer

This affiliate program by Tripanner is the most prominent yoga retreat platform across the world. The site is now working with more than 3000 retreat organizers, is listing more than 7000 retreats, and is promoting retreats in over seventy nations. There are retreats for each type of yoga style, holiday type, and practice level. The affiliate program can be easily implemented into retreat experiences and destination guides hence ideal for yoga, meditation, health, travel, and detox affiliates.

Why Should You Promote

BookYogaRetreats features one of the largest selection of yoga retreats in the world to select from and has a happy customer following. You can help your followers find the perfect holiday retreat through your blogs and website and earn incredibly high commissions.

13. Man Flow Yoga

Manflow yoga

Man Flow Yoga is a famous brand that deals with an extensive range of yoga products. This allows affiliates to have a wide range of options regarding the type of content they can create. You will earn a commission when the traffic you drive via your blog or website is converted into a lead or sale. If any of your conversions are in the form of subscription, you will be accredited for a subscription lifetime commission. They feature a Complementary Fitness System that does not limit your visitors to yoga.

Why Should You Promote

One of the best things about this program is the potential lifetime earnings presented by subscriptions. The wide range of products, including training programs, eBooks, and digital products, also promotes your chances to earn.

14. Gaiam


Gaiam is one of the few yoga brands that stocks a unique catalog that is hard to find with other brands. They feature products that are focused on making it easy to practice yoga for both adults and children. The products are placed into categories based on every potential client’s apparent goals, such as stability and fitness. Some are intended for those that may need to maintain their tranquility in the office, and you will also get the usual blocks, towels, and mats.

Their website also has a Trouble Zone that features products designed to deal with common issues one may encounter, such as; feet & legs, arms & hands, back and shoulders, and the whole body. Recovery workout guides are also available on their site.

Why Should You Promote

As compared to other affiliate programs, one thing that we don’t like about Gaiam is the ten days cookie length. They also have a wide variety of products that make up for the cookie duration in terms of the possible basket sizes.

15. Bean Products

Bean products

Bean Products is a US-based manufacturer and wholesaler of specialty organic living products. The company was established in 1987 and has since earned a good reputation as one of the bestselling bean body pillows, bean bags, meditation cushions, and yoga supplies. They have an affiliate program that you can earn commissions by referring customers to their website.

Why Should You Promote

The program offers a competitive commission rate and a wide variety of products to base your referral content on.

16. Siddhi Yoga

Siddhi Yoga Affiliate Program

Siddhi Yoga is a registered yoga training school that offers personalized online courses. Already, 2000+ graduates from 60+ countries have successfully completed level one or level two training. At Siddhi Yoga School, graduates get exposure to more than one style of yoga. The features that set them apart are friendly and family-like environment, nutritious vegetarian/vegan food, and good value combined with high-quality training. They offer a $50+ commission for promoting their online courses.

Why Should You Promote

Generous commission offered by Siddhi Yoga enables affiliates to make a decent passive income by promoting their online courses. Also, it has a pretty long cookie life of 180 days.

Yoga Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you have gone through the best affiliate programs for yoga, it’s crucial for you to determine the niche you would wish to concentrate on. Yoga is a massive and competitive business, making it difficult to contend as an affiliate when only using Yoga as the main keyword.

Hence, you should use a more targeted Yoga niche keyword such as Bikram Yoga, which is composed of a variety of yoga stances worked out in a sauna-like chamber to allow the release of toxins. Here, Jade Yoga would be a perfect affiliate program to promote because they offer a 20 percent commission rate, and their products can endure hot Yoga classes.

Another niche that can be great to consider is the types of people. With lots of people doing yoga for weight loss and exercise, you don’t need to have a yoga website to promote this type of affiliate program. BrilliantYoga eBook is an excellent affiliate program with a 70 percent commission rate on each sale. Yoga for health is a different idea because you can make money while writing health blogs in various ways.

There are busy yoga enthusiasts who don’t have the time to visit a yoga studio several times a week regarding the type of people. Here, you can promote Online Yoga classes such as Wai Lana, the most viewed Yoga program in the world, offering a 15% commission and 120-day cookie duration. YogaDownload is also a perfect online yoga class affiliate program.

Additionally, if you can also consider promoting stuff like yoga retreats, travel affiliate programs, and airline tickets if your yoga style of choice originates from a particular place.


Yoga is expected to continue increasing in popularity, especially at this time when wellbeing and health are at the forefront of our conversations. As an affiliate, the above listed top affiliate programs give you massive opportunities to earn affiliate commissions. They have products relevant to yoga enthusiasts, helping you add value to your visitors while you make more cash.

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