ConvertKit Review: The Best Email Marketing Tool in 2024

ConvertKit Review

Indeed, we are witnessing unprecedented globalization and the expansion of companies across the world. Every business is looking forward to improving its clientele base, and digital marketing is the perfect solution. But did you know that email marketing has become an integral element in this journey?

The chances are that you are witnessing an increased growth in the volume of emails reaching your desk. Or perhaps you need to send as many emails to your patronage. It is not only daunting but also hectic. For instance, list management alone could consume lots of your time and effort.

Conceivably such would be the right time for you to invest in a reliable email service provider. But how about you go for ConvertKit? This ConvertKit review will help you decide, whether it is the right one for you.

ConvertKit is an email service provider whose dominance in the market has continually grown in the recent past. It has played a vital role in improving automation capabilities for many bloggers. Yours can extensively benefit from their services too.

Ideally, its design focuses on improving conversions as well as managing subscribers. With these two aspects being the most focused on, ConvertKit, undoubtedly, becomes an ideal choice for bloggers. It will always play a vital role in improving your relationship with readers.

Sadly, not much information about ConvertKit is out there. It is in this regard that the following review will come in handy. Join us in exploring some of the most critical elements of this email service provider. But first, let’s look at its pros and cons.

Merits of ConvertKit

  • Ease of Use

You can hardly overlook how smooth using ConvertKit tends to be. For instance, its dashboard is not only streamlined but also user-friendly. The arrangement of its core features will play a central role in giving you the user experience that you have always desired.

Usually, the dashboard allows you to manage your contacts, broadcasts, and sign-up forms. It will also be relatively easy for you to come up with courses to deliver online. Besides, you will be free to create complete landing pages or even subscriber lists.

Once you confirm either of the features, it will automatically join the automation sequence. This way, sending emails to multiple users will hardly be a hassle for you.

  • Support

Often, you will need to confirm one or two things about the operation of any software. The friendliness of the support team will often be critical in your overall experience. And ConvertKit’s is one of the best. Their support team will often respond on time, and comprehensively so. This way, any problem will not go unresolved for long.

  • Enhanced Effectiveness

Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with how effective this tool is. It will come in handy in catering for various basics, giving you a much easier time in the long run. All tasks will be complete much sooner and without too many problems to give you worries.

  • Affordability

While the price is not the cheapest in the market, you will afford this package without too much hassle. Besides, they have multiple packages that could suit your budget. As we all know, affordability will be vital in cushioning you against financial constraints over time.

Demerits of ConvertKit

  • Usually, this tool does not allow for easier customization. You will have no room to employ your sense of creativity but instead stick to their simple landing pages. Also, the functionalities are relatively limited.
  • Few template varieties could readily bother you. With ConvertKit, it would be disappointing to handle email newsletters. That is because it does not provide you with an advanced email builder.
  • Tracking is an integral element in email marketing. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to this tool. Besides, its reportage tends to be relatively disappointing to most users.

ConvertKit Review

1. ConvertKit’s User Interface

ConvertKit comes with one of the best dashboards. Your interaction with this interface will, undoubtedly, be one of the best for you. Usually, this dashboard prides itself on a simple organization. This way, you will no longer need to worry about making too many clicks before you can complete a task.

Also, you will find the statistics bar to be relatively straightforward. It will highlight the open rate and the click rate of each broadcast or email. With such a provision, you will be in a better position to make credible decisions on time. Did you know that you will easily follow the number of unsubscribes on the screen too?

2. Segmentation and tagging in ConvertKit

Sadly, ConvertKit hardly supports separate email lists. While this is unlike other email service providers, it will come in handy for you. Ideally, you will have all your subscribers in one pool. ConvertKit prides itself on simple segmentation. Various conditional tags will play a vital role in separating different consumers or readers. Well, while this could look a little complex to non-techies, it is relatively straightforward. It is, however, valuable to point out how essential tags, as well as segments, can be to any blogger. They play a critical role in identifying different classes of readers.

Usually, you will be free to segment as well as tag email subscribers per their behavioral tendencies. You could also tag them based on your areas of interest. With this feature, you will only send emails to people that could have interests in the same. Targeted marketing is usually vital in improving your credibility, and ConvertKut offers you that opportunity.

3. Email broadcasts and templates in ConvertKit

Indeed, email broadcasts and templates on ConvertKit come at no cost. Unfortunately, you will have no room to customize the same. This could be a big disappointment to those that would love to explore their creativity. Usually, you will do nothing more than alter the color of the template.

However, the templates tend to be relatively attractive. You could personalize them based on different themes. However, you should be ready for how tedious using these email templates can be.

4. Automation in ConvertKit

Always, automation allows you to tag customers and improve your sales pitches. It will also help in triggering various links and even excluding people who already bought your package. ConvertKit allows for up to four different types of automation.

The four ways through which automation will be triggered include tagging, through a form, via custom fields, and purchases. From here, you will need to initiate an action, add an event, or highlight a condition. ConvertKit prides itself on a fast automation process. Besides, it is relatively simple to use. Simply, you will love the automation experience it offers. Did you know that it will auto-resend broadcasts to those who did not open them at first?

5. A/B Testing in ConvertKit

Unfortunately, a/b testing in ConvertKit could be relatively disappointing and limited. Indeed, this testing is vital in the growth of any online business. It will come in handy in identifying which strategy will be vital in improving your performance in the long run. But with limited functionality, you will have a hard time. With ConvertKit, you can only split-test up to two variations within your subject line. As such, you will need additional measures if you were to test delivery time, automation, and email-body content. If this testing is vital in your business, this downside could end up being costly over time.

6. Forms and Landing Pages

Undoubtedly, you will rely on forms to get subscribers to your account. With ConvertKit, you will be free to rely on both forms and even landing pages. In most cases, you will be open to picking up to four different types of forms. They include modal, inline, slide-in, and pop-up. While at it, you will find up to seven distinct form templates at your disposal. Customizing your forms will, however, be quite limited.

On the other hand, your landing pages will come with dedicated pages. Mostly, you could host them on CovertKits servers or your WordPress plug-in. Above all, remember that customizing these pages will be your burden.

7. Integrations

We have various instances when you will need to integrate your site with external tools. Fortunately, ConvertKit allows you to do this. It will often work with multiple tools that aim at making email management a smooth process. Some of the prominent tools that it will connect with include Teachable, Gumroad, Swipe, and Leadpages. You could also rely on it to connect with KingSumo.

8. Deliverability

The deliverability of ConvertKit is relatively matchless. But maybe we need to take a step back and understand what deliverability is. Ideally, it is the association between your IP and domain, client list, and email content. ConvertKit will come in handy in ensuring that your email reaches clients within a click.

9. Tracking and Reportage

Typically, ConvertKit tends to be relatively minimalistic. It focuses on the ease of use more than anything else. Perhaps, it is at this point that tracking did not come out as vital as it should be. As mentioned earlier, reporting as well as tracking on ConvertKit is a little limited.

It will be relatively hard for you to report or even track autoresponders and sequences. As such, you will find it hard to go deeper into analytics on your performance. For instance, there will be no data on your bounce rate. How else would you improve your content if you cannot find this information?

10. Pricing and support

ConvertKit's Pricing

Your budget will always matter a lot in this pursuit. You will always want the utmost value for your money. First, you will be sure of getting a trial period of about 14 days. After this, you will be free to sign up on whichever package you find suitable. You will also be sure of getting a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

ConvertKit has embraced a tiered pricing approach. For this reason, the price will most likely increase with an increase in the number of subscribers. Luckily, the price does not skyrocket as much as seen in other email service providers once you hit 10000 subscribers.

Interestingly, ConvertKit prides itself on being one of the most affordable options at your disposal. While it is not the cheapest of them all, it is more likely to give you value for your money in the long run.

Now, about their support. It will often be one of the most reliable and efficient teams. You will be sure of getting responses within a relatively short time. You will also be confident of getting comprehensive advice whenever necessary.

Is ConvertKit Ideal For you?

As mentioned, ConvertKit comes with various benefits and an edge over other competitors. However, it will be a perfect fit for bigger businesses or those with many subscribers. It is not only smooth to operate but also relatively intuitive. Besides, its design and user interface is exceptional. This email marketing service tool will assure you of value for your money in the long run.

ConvertKit FAQs

Does ConvertKit allow affiliate marketing?

Unlike Active Campaign and Mail Chimp, ConvertKit allows affiliate marketing. Thus it is an obvious choice for affiliate marketers to promote their products and services through emails.

Can ConvertKit allow holding webinars?

In most cases, ConvertKit will allow you to handle both webinars and live events via broadcasts only. Nothing could be as convenient as this to you.

How good is ConvertKit’s deliverability?

Currently, the deliverability of ConvertKit stands at 98%. This figure remains to be one of the most impressive ones across the industry. Well, indeed, sometimes emails will bounce for various reasons. Whether it is a full mailbox or an invalid email address, it could end up compromising the rate. Ideally, excellent email deliverability should be 95%. ConvertKit surpasses the standard.

ConvertKit vs. Aweber vs. GetResponse

The most distinctive aspect that you will get from ConvertKit is its deliverability. It comes with a rate of 98%, while the other two have no more than 96%. With this, you are confident of reliability. Also, you will be sure of a more responsive support team.

In summary, you can hardly find an email service provider as efficient, intuitive, and supportive as ConvertKit. You cannot go wrong by choosing to invest in this tool.

Get started with ConvertKit today with a FREE account.

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