15+ Best Gardening Affiliate Programs in 2024

Best gardening affiliate programs

Currently, many people are becoming enlightened about gardening as a result of health and environmental awareness. Having a garden within your place even in urban areas is generally fulfilling and has a lot of benefits. From the much researches, a vital amount of money is being spent on gardening. Because of this, it is important to be creative in earning income with gardening. With the current technological and internet revolution, you are better placed to earn adequately. Starting a blog post or even a YouTube channel is a suitable way to achieve this.

As a result, there are particular affiliate programs to use if you have an interest in gardening. However, it is necessary to be informed about the different programs available that will give you better returns. Therefore, this article provides some of the best gardening affiliate programs to check out.

List of the best Gardening affiliate programs

1. SeedsNow

Seedsnow Affiliate Program

Before starting any gardening activity such as planting vegetables, trees, or flowers, it is necessary to have the right seeds. Therefore, dealing in seeds is now a lucrative venture especially for farmers. SeedsNow affiliate program is reliable and is managed in-house. The registration process for this program is simple. For this gardening affiliate program, an affiliate will enjoy a 25% baseline commission for all sales. Additionally, it has a 90-day cookie period. This program has a reliable team with great promotional materials for the affiliate to use. As a result, all the affiliate issues will be immediately sorted out by the dedicated team.

2. Garden Tower Project

Garden Tower Project Affiliate Program

Garden Tower is a company that has been in operating for a long duration. Typically, it deals in composters needed by gardeners to effectively utilize their space. This firm also sells other gardening accessories such as harvest seed collection and other programs. Its gardening affiliate program, Garden Tower Project, is free to join. Normally, it is operated on the ShareASale affiliate network. Notably, an affiliate is entitled to earn a commission of 16% and 15% top tier on each sale they generate using the signed affiliate links. Its cookie duration is 60 days.

3. Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

Botanical Interests has been in the gardening field since 1995. Usually, they deal in both heirloom and organic seeds. Notably, this company has invested more on the internet. Their products are special since they are not of the GMO type. Additionally, Botanical Interests has a blog that provides details on the seeds guidelines. Botanical Interests gardening affiliate program will provide affiliates with passive income as a result of the customized tracking links. The third-party affiliate network is ShareASale, through which you can sign-up. The availability of click links, ad banners, and other promotional content makes your work easy. With this affiliate, you will earn a commission of 15%. The program has a cookie duration of 45 days.

4. Earth Easy

Eartheasy Affiliate Program

Earth Easy was established in 2000 and has been promoting sustainable living since then. The company has the best website with more than 3 million visitors. It deals with different types of green garden products and has a guarantee for its clients. As an affiliate, you will get a 10% commission on average order value. Earth Easy affiliate program also has reliable promotional materials and links used in marketing. They have a committed team that is available 24-hours to help you succeed. They have a 90-day cookie duration. Therefore, this program is suitable because of its long cookie duration, suitable commission rate, and 50 years warranty.

5. Hoss Tools

Hoss Tools Affiliate Program

Hoss Tools is a company with the main objective of helping you uniquely grow your food. Notably, the company will achieve this by supplying clients will all the gardening accessories to set off. Hoss Tools has an affiliate program that ensures that their items are promoted. It has designed for its affiliates to get a 10% commission for each sale. Additionally, its cookie life is for 30 days. the program is reliable since all affiliates will be promptly paid.

6. Succulents Box

Succulents Box Affiliate Program

For the Succulent Box Affiliate program, visitors to your website can purchase any gardening items to grow succulents directly from the store despite their location. Additionally, the needed accessories can also be delivered to customers monthly to their homes. Normally, succulents gardening will require minimal maintenance. When you are an affiliate for this program, you will be certain of a 10% commission on each sale referred. It is reliable since they are making an appropriate number of payments to the clients. It is unique with a 30-day cookie life.

7. Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardeners Supply Company Affiliate Program

The company was established in 1983. Gardener’s Supply company delivers quality products, consultation services, and offer friendly service. The company is US-based and serves millions of gardens. Additionally, you can go for their seminars in Burlington, Vermont hosting their headquarters. For its affiliates, they get an impressive 8% commission on all the sales. Additionally, it has a long cookie life of 30 days. The program is also suitable since you will be given trackable links and promotional items for website marketing. It is also ready to answer any queries raised and support you to ascertain your success.

8. 46 & Spruce Affiliate Program

46 and Spruce Affiliate Program

46 & Spruce company has a collection of home décor and gardening items. Examples of products they sell are vases, planters, wedding centerpieces, grow kits for indoors, terrariums, and gardening gifts. Normally, it has a mean order value of $55. For its affiliate program, affiliates having content sites are entitled to 8% commission while those having coupon sites get 2% commission. Its cookie life is always 30 days. Normally, the program applies Refersion for reporting, tracking, and paying affiliates. With its good cookie life, suitable commission, and high average order value, this program is suitable when marketing gardening and home décor items.

9. Click and Grow

Click and Grow Affiliate Program

Click and Grow is a well-known company that is creative and majorly targets urban-based people to experience nature. It does this through the use of smart gardens, indoor gardens, plant pods, and various gardening items. Notably, the company has been featured in popular publications hence trusted by many people. Click and Grow has an affiliate program equipped with all the relevant resources. As its affiliate, you will have access to unique IDs, trackable links, statistics, and a quality support team. Also, they offer a commission of 10% on all the qualified sales with a cookie duration of 45 days.

10. Seeds for Generations

Seeds for Generations Affiliate Program

Seeds for Generation is a family business that sells heirloom seeds and other relevant products. It has a gardening affiliate program to ensure that its items are properly promoted. If you have an interest in gardening, then it is the right affiliate program for you. It assures you passive income and at the same time promoting what you love. The affiliate program works simply since you will use unique links to promote the products and ads on your website. As a result, you will get a 10% commission on every sale up to $50.

Additionally, you will earn a commission of 15% for each sale adding up to $50 – $100. For total commissions beyond $100, you will get 20% on each sale. It has tracking cookies for up to 180 days. Payments are done via PayPal on the 20th of every month.

11. SuperCloset

SuperCloset Affiliate Program

SuperCloset is the first company to manufacture hydroponic original equipment. Their hydroponic systems are convenient and effective as they are automated. Usually, the company uses the ShareASale affiliate network which manages their affiliate program. The affiliate program is appropriate because of the availability of creatives and real-time tracking tools. Their bonus commission is offered to affiliates at the $5000 level. The program pays affiliates a commission of up to 10% for every sale. Additionally, it has a 60- day cookie duration.

12. Growers House

Growershouse Affiliate Program

Growers House is a store concentrating on indoor gardening and hydroponics. They offer their items at wholesale value. Their average sale is $450 with high ticket items. They have a gardening affiliate programs which is being managed by FlexOffers. As their affiliate, you will get quality banner ads, text links, and complete reporting tools. Notably, they do not use pay-per-click to promote products. The affiliate program pays a commission of 10% with a cookie period of 90 days. With product experts, affordable wholesale prices, and high-ticket items, you will be assured of passive income.

13. Growace Affiliate Program

Growace Affiliate Program

GrowAce is a company that helps growers have self-sustaining gardens hence minimize their expenses. They deal in deep water culture, ebb and flow oxygen pot, and hydroponic systems. Normally, they have the lowest price guarantee. This company’s affiliate program is managed in-house. Promoting GroWace as an affiliate is beneficial since they will supply you with quality banner ads and trackable links. Therefore, affiliates will easily track their traffic, sales, and the expected commission in real-time. The customer services usually offer optimal support for affiliates. Notably, they offer a commission of 10% for every sale with prompt payments. Its cookie life normally expires after 30 days.

14. True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market Affiliate Program

Typically, Trueleafmarket is a company that is managed by experts in indoor and outdoor gardening. They offer high-grade non-GMO seeds and high-quality garden supplies at a wholesale price. They have hydroponics supplies in organic seeds, growing kits and trays, nutrients, and PH control kits. The affiliate program is run by Pepperjam. The company has a high conversion rate. As an affiliate, you will be exposed to plenty of resources such as optimized banner ads, promotional tools, and text links. Such resources are effective for optimal promotion.

With a 10% commission and 30-days cookie period, this is a reliable affiliate. Additionally, you are allowed to promote your 5-star client ratings, and orders above $45 receive free shipping. Getting traffic is also easy as a result of the huge product selection.

15. AeroGrow

AeroGrow Affiliate Program

AeroGarden offers high-tech indoor solutions which are currently popular. For this company, they have different offers that suit the many customers. Importantly, the indoor gardens are properly managed hence useful for an affiliate since he or she can effectively review them. For its affiliate program, it offers its affiliates a commission of 10%. It is easy to have more affiliate sales as a result of the unique products sold. Aerogrow has an impressive 30-day tracking cookie. It also uses earning per click commission metric. To join this program, it is necessary to sign up for Commission Junction Affiliate Network.

16. Gardening Direct

Gardening Direct Affiliate Program

Gardening Direct deals in almost all gardening accessories and products. Some of the products they sell are plant beds, perennials, trees, fruit, and seeds for vegetables. Additionally, they avail bulbs, pre-planted, and other relevant items. In case you are looking for a general shop, Gardening direct is the best. Gardening Direct affiliate program offers a 10% commission and its cookie tracking period is 30 days.

17. Sunnyplants

Sunnyplants Affiliate Program

Typically, Sunnyplants is a succulent site that sells different types of plants, seeds, and cuttings. It has enough products for its succulent customers. Sunnyplants affiliate program is suitable since its specialized nature is satisfying. Additionally, it has a cookie life of 30 days, and affiliates are awarded a commission at a rate of 20%. The program pays affiliates via PayPal for earnings above 50 Euros, since it is European. It is necessary to understand that the payments are prompt and no cases of mistakes. Notably, there are no regional restrictions for any person intending to become its affiliate. Therefore, Sunnyplants offers a quality rate to the affiliates in terms of the commission. Additionally, using the affiliate dashboard is easy.


These are the best gardening affiliate programs you should consider for constant passive income. Therefore, you should do a comprehensive research before settling on any particular gardening affiliate program. Gardening is increasingly becoming popular and it is also witnessing a lot of creativity in terms of its product promotion. As a result, utilizing the various gardening affiliate programs in the market is a suitable way to earn extra income on the various media platforms.

Some of the platforms that are effective for you as an affiliate are blogs, websites, YouTube, and others. Usually, it is advisable to be informed of your target audience. Notably, use a program that has huge traffic hence adequate earnings through the stated commission. Choose the right affiliate program and earn handsomely!

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