15 Best Craft Affiliate Programs for Art, Craft and DIY Bloggers in 2024

Best Craft Affiliate Programs

More people are beginning to realize that they can make money from their craft. They have set up websites where they share their passion. But, this is just the first step. You can earn an excellent income with the right steps.

There are many ways to monetize a website, and one of them is through affiliate programs. You get to earn a commission, and can benefit from the various incentives. It can however, be difficult to know which program to sign up to. Some of the factors you need to put into consideration are the commission structures. The more you can earn the better; so look for those that have a good commission for return purchases. The cookie period is also critical; the longer it is, the higher your chances of earning.

In helping you decide which the best craft affiliate program is, we will provide a summary of the 15 we feel are the best. It is our hope that you can make an informed decision and start earning, even as you sleep.

Best Craft Affiliate Programs

Our list includes the following affiliate programs

  • Creativebug Affiliate Program
  • Craft Edge Affiliate Program
  • CreativeLive Affiliate Program
  • Annie’s Affiliate Program
  • KnitCrate Affiliate Program
  • Minted Affiliate Program
  • Zazzle Affiliate Program
  • Blurb Affiliate Program
  • Thermo Web Affiliate Program
  • Sizzix Affiliate Program
  • Cricut Affiliate Program
  • Cafepress Affiliate Program
  • Mixbook Affiliate Program
  • Picmonkey Affiliate Program
  • Craftsy(Bluprint) Affiliate Program

Let’s dive into our review of the best craft affiliate programs below:

1. Creativebug Arts and crafts affiliate program


Creativebug offers over 1000 online craft and art classes. It is an educational platform and incorporates leading instructors in different disciplines. Subscribers get to learn how to quilt, sew, knit, and even dabble in papercraft. What makes it stand out is that you have access to the online classes any time without fear of an expiration date. They have a 30-day cookie policy, and you have access to newsletters, promotions, new artists, sales opportunities, amongst other incentives.

You can make money through the following avenues:-

  • 75% commission on the first-month subscription for any new referrals who sign up for free trial. The trial must however convert into a monthly subscription. Top referees will also get some special bonuses
  • 20% commission on gift and multi-month subscriptions

Why you should sign up

  • Excellent commission structure
  • Access to promotions, sales opportunities, and incentives

2. Craft Edge Affiliate Program


The Craft Edge affiliate program allows you to earn money every time you generate sales for Craft Edge Inc. It is a free platform, and once you sign up, you get links that you post on your website. The commission structure is up to 50%, and the sign-up process is very simple. You get to keep track of how much you have earned through real-time reporting.

Why you should sign up

  • At 50% commission- this is probably one of the best deals you will get with regards to affiliate programs.
  • Real-time tracking of commissions

3. CreativeLive


Creativelive gives you an opportunity to learn and earn through craft. You can increase your mastery in areas such as photography, business, music, and online education to name a few. You get up to 20% in revenue share for any new sales. Lead payouts and returning customer purchases attract a 1% and 10% commission. You get access to advanced reporting tools that can allow you to track your sales in real-time. You must however have a minimum of $50 in sales before you get your first payout.

Why you should sign up

  • It is an educational platform that can help develop craft skills
  • You have various ways to make money
  • Access to advanced reporting and tracking tools

4. Annie’s Craft Affiliate Program


Annie’s gives you access to the affiliate programs Commission Junction (CJ) and Share-A-Sale. You get access to educational material, books, yarns, and patterns. The commission structure is 20% on any sale made from a customer clicking on the link. If you sell any online classes, you get a 30% commission. Return purchases earn you a 5% commission. The cookie period is 30 days. You also get access to banners, category, and product links for your website.

Why you should sign up

  • Great commission structure
  • A wide selection of creative’s
  • You get access to special offers and promotions

5. KnitCrate


Whether you are a beginner, curious, or have some knowledge of crafts, you will find a lot of resources at Knitcrate. Learn creativity, yarning, crocheting, and DIYs among others. The signup process for becoming an affiliate is easy. For every sale, you get a 20% commission. The cookie period is 45 days, and you have access to different graphics and banners to help with promotional aspects.

Why you should sign up

  • Excellent commission
  • Long cookie period
  • Access to promotional material to help with marketing

6. Minted Affiliate Program


If you are looking for a connection with independent artists, you should sign onto minted.com. You get access to designers and artists in over 45 countries and 48 States. Learn how to create arts such as wedding stationery, birthday cards, and holiday cards, to name a few. You also benefit from exclusive publisher promotions. The commission structure is up to 20% on purchases, and an average sale value of over $200. The cookie period is 120 days.

Why you should sign up

  • 120 days cookie period, which is very generous
  • Global and countrywide footprint
  • Good commission structure
  • Access to exclusive promotions

7. Zazzle


Zazzle gives audiences an opportunity to create different arts and craft ideas. Learn how to make wedding invitations, business cards, and birthday cards among others. It gives affiliate signups a 15% commission on every sale, and you have millions of products you can promote. With more volume, you get a bonus of up to 17% per sale. The cookie period is 45 days, and the affiliate program does have a minimum payout of $50.

Why you should sign up

  • Wide variety of products to promote
  • You get a bonus with volume sales
  • Long cookie period

8. Blurb


Previously a part of the Share-a-Sale affiliate program, it is now a part of Rakuten. It is a publishing platform that targets authors, designers, businesses, photographs, and personal bookmakers. You get access to the marketing and sharing tools and the personal storefront where you can post digital previews of books. The commission rate is 15% per new customer sales. Existing customer orders will earn you a 2% commission. The cookie period is 45 days.

Why you should sign up

  • You get access to marketing tools
  • Long cookie period
  • Targets a niche market

9. Thermo Web

Thermoweb Affiliate Program

Thermoweb is a leading brand in the crafts market. You get access to quilting, sewing, and scrapbooking, amongst other DIY projects. It has a 30 day cookie period, and pays up to 15% commission on sales. You get access to a monthly newsletter, promotions, codes, and content that you can adapt for your benefit.

Why you should sign up

  • Trusted brand name
  • Generous commission structure
  • Access to promotions, new content, and codes for use on your site
  • Access to video tutorials

10. Sizzix

Sizzix Affiliate Program

Sizzix offers excellent incentives for anyone who joins its affiliate program. It is a trusted brand with regards to the craft industry, and is part of the Share-A-Sale affiliate network. You get a 15% commission for every sale, and notice on upcoming sales events. They also share marketing material such as banners and images, which you can use on a website. The cookie period is 30 days and you have zero annual commitments.

Why you should sign up

  • Trusted brand name
  • You get access to marketing material and notifications on upcoming sales
  • Zero annual commitment

11. Cricut Arts and Crafts Affiliate Program

Cricut Affiliate Program

Cricut is a minefield for anyone who wants to learn everything to do with art and craft. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you get the benefits of leading technology to learn your craft. You earn commissions for new sales ranging from 8 to 12%. You extra $10 for every referral they approve. The cookie period is 45 days. They do share notice of upcoming sales and give recommendations on how to increase the chances of conversions.

Why you should sign up

  • Generous commission structure
  • Help with promotions
  • Expert tips on how to increase conversions

12. Cafepress

Cafepress Affiliate Program

Cafepress is a part of the CJ affiliate and allows you to promote millions of products on your website. It, therefore, significantly increases your chances of earning the 15% commission you get for each sale.

Why you should sign up

  • You get access to millions of products to promote
  • You can become an affiliate even if you are outside of the US

13. Mixbook

Mixbook Affiliate Program

Mixbook brings fun into crafts by allowing you to customize cards, calendars, and photo books among others at no cost. They incorporate the use of the latest design software to ensure the experience for the users is excellent. This affiliate program offers some of the highest commission in the industry, starting at a minimum of 15%. The cookie period is 120 days, and you can benefit from the help they give with regards to promotions, custom landing pages, monthly newsletters, among others. Affiliates also have access to dedicated account management.

Why you should sign up

  • Excellent commission structure
  • Long cookie period
  • Dedicated account management
  • Access to promotional material for better conversions

14. Picmonkey Affiliate Program


Picmonkey is an excellent platform for business people who need help with their branding. You have access to tons of templates that you can use on your website, social media pages, marketing collateral, among others. The affiliate program has a very high initial and subsequent purchase commissions. You get 30% and 15% for initial or renewals from returning customers respectively. The cookie period is 45 days.

Why you should sign up

  • Excellent commission structure
  • Long cookie period
  • Allows you to target a niche market

15. Craftsy (formerly Bluprint)

Update: They have discontinued the affiliate program.


Craftsy(Bluprint) offers a lot of variety with regards to the craft you can promote. Whether it is in home decorating, yoga, dance, or fitness to name a few, you will be spoilt for choice. With over 13 million people on board, the possibilities of earning an income are endless. As an affiliate, every time a member of the network buys something, you earn a commission. The program also gives you support in terms of promotional ideas and newsletters. Some of their partners include Advertise Purple and Share-A- sale. The commission structure is quite generous and includes:-

  • 75% and 15% of DVD or first-time purchases by new and existing customers respectively
  • 15% and 4% of physical product purchases by new and existing customers respectively
  • 5% and 15% trial or monthly membership sign up respectively
  • $20 and $25 for 6 months or annual membership sign-up respectively
  • $20 gift subscription
  • $15 referral fee for a friend who gets accepted into the affiliate program

Why you should sign up

  • Multiple ways to make money
  • Access to tons of content
  • Access to advertising material such as banners and graphics


We have looked at 15 of the best craft affiliate programs for craft bloggers. We picked these particular ones because of the benefits they offer those who sign up. Setting up your websites to share your passion with your audiences is just the first step. Now, with any of the affiliate programs above, you can monetize your website, while doing something you truly love.

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