Best Dog Affiliate Programs for Pet Bloggers in 2024

Best dog affiliate program

Since long ago, humans have domesticated animals for multiple reasons. One such idea is to provide security from scavengers, predators, and help with domestic chores. Over the years, these roles have progressively changed, and today, humans not only domesticate animals for security and help with household chores but also as pets, therefore becoming a significant part of the family.

Today, most pet owners are not shy, spending huge amounts of money to take care of their pet’s health and keep them happy. Their willingness to spend such amounts has created a niche for affiliate marketers- a thriving one, and you can make a fortune out of it. In the United States alone, the pet industry is worth over $72 billion. For an average person, this figure is insignificant, but to us, affiliate marketers, it is a sign that this vertical can get you lots of commission. So, without further ado, let’s find out some of the best dog affiliate programs for pet bloggers in 2023.

The pet niche is on the rise, and you don’t want to be left out. Remember, those who catch new trends early are the most profitable. There are multiple innovative products for pets such as CBD oils, GPS trackers, and more. If you want to make money through affiliate marketing- here is the perfect opportunity for you. Regardless of the vertical, you are promoting, whether dealing with ailments, grooming, breeding, and

1. Ollie Affiliate Program

Ollie Affiliate Program

Let’s kick start with Ollie, a company providing customized, nutritious, and whipping-up tasty foods for your dogs. Most pet owners are not aware of the type of food ingredients they should buy for their dogs. Some foods might contain bad or left-over foodstuffs laced with harmful chemicals.

Ollie provides meals for your dogs, which are made from human-grade ingredients. Besides, you can order food depending on the dog’s age, weight, allergies, and breed. You do not have to worry about forgetting something you should have bought in the store for your dog to eat as you can shop it here.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part, for us, affiliate marketers-getting paid. Ollie offers a $60 commission per sale. Besides, they provide customers with a cookie period of up to 30 days. If you do some quick math, with one sale per day- you can replace a more significant percentage of your daily wage. Note that 1% of this company’s revenue is directed to the dog rescue Association. By marketing them, you are also taking part in charity to help these dogs.

2. Dog Med Laser

Dogmedlaser Affiliate Program

As a dog gets older, most of them will likely suffer from one or more medical problems. The most common of all is joint pain. The Dog Med Laser provides dog lovers with some of the most effective ways to find pain relief for your furry friend. Besides, these procedures can also work well for open wounds.

However, most pain medications for dogs have quite severe side effects, meaning that they are suitable for short-duration treatment. Why choose Dog Med Laser? The low-laser procedure/treatment this site sells has no side effects. Instead, it gives your dog a pleasant massage feel as you pamper their bodies with this laser brush.

This advanced technology treatment is scientifically proven and provides customers with a 90-day guarantee- you can return it if not satisfied. For affiliates, this product is quite easy to market as dog owners are more than willing to buy it for their furry friends.

Here comes the best part for affiliates- you receive a 10% commission off each sale. Some quick math adds that up to $49 per sale. It is worthwhile, so get on and sign up with the website today. Visitors get a cookie duration of 30 days.

3. Brain Training For Dogs Affiliate Program

Braintrainingfordogs Affiliate Program

We, dog lovers, know and understand that it is the dog’s nature to want to please their master. However, not all dogs will have the intelligence to know what they need to do. Furthermore, some don’t even recognize your authority- they think you are part of the ‘pack’ they control.

Brain Training for Dogs is an affiliate program, particularly designed by Adrienne Farricelli (a CCPDT- certified dog trainer). This product contains about 21 games that will help your dog learn new tricks or perfect old ones, making it exciting. Nonetheless, it majorly aims at correcting any unpleasant behaviors that you might find in some ‘Alpha-type’ dogs.

The spicy part for affiliates is that you get to earn 75% off each sale. Quick math on this one gives you a $31.75, which is decent pay. Besides, this product scores the highest in ‘Gravity’ (130.02) among all training programs on ClickBank. Visitors get a 60-day cookie duration.

4. TrainPetDog Affiliate Program

Trainpetdog Affiliate Program

If you are a pet blogger and would love to boost your affiliate earning, TrainPetDog is suitable for you. Here, you get to make an 80% commission on some of the high-end products on dog training. Besides, you will be coached on how to raise your earning to even 85%.

They also pay a 25% commission on sales generated from any referred customer-keep referring one customer each month to stay eligible for this plan. Customers also receive a 30-day free trial after purchasing any product.

If you want to make high returns off your blog, be an affiliate at Unlike other programs where you have to reach $100 in sales, you can start earning a commission once you hit $40.

5. The Dog Solution

The Dog Solution affiliate program

The Dog Solution’s front-end product is their secret handbook, which contains dog health remedies, training tips, and hacks. Unlike other programs that focus on a specific niche, this one is broad, appealing, hence can reach out to a vast audience.

To start as an affiliate, you need to register with Clickbank. You can either promote their products by re-directing traffic to their sales or high-converting landing pages. They monitor this program and send payments weekly.

Why Promote The Dog Solution? You can earn a high conversion of up to 75% commission on sales (about $49.20 per sale). Also, you target a wider audience.

6. FitBark

Fitbark affiliate program

The mission of FitBark is to enhance the health of both dogs and their owners. Their activity monitor has the highest rating for a do health monitor, currently available in the market. Besides, they have a wider market, reaching out to more than 100 countries. They use ShareASale to monitor their program.

For affiliates, the startup commission is 12%, which increases proportionally according to your volume sales. Their average sale is $100. One exciting feature of this program is that it allows one to earn conversions off purchases made through personal links. It is, therefore, the perfect affiliate program for dog walkers, veterinarians, bloggers, and trainers. However, note that they do not accept coupon sites.

Why should you promote FitBark? First, they have high average sales, which should alert you of a more extensive customer base. You can earn very high commissions and an extended cookie duration of 60 days.

7. Petplate

Petplate affiliate program

Another excellent affiliate program is Petplate. It provides 100% human-quality dog meals. They prepare these meals using fruits, vegetables, USDA, and supplements. They use high-qualified veterinary nutritionists to put these meals together, maximizing the nutrients the dog is getting.

Customers don’t have to worry about traveling to pick up their purchases, as they receive shipping services. They offer a range of subscription plans. Petplate has beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey-based meals. So, you can easily find something to craft content from for your blog audience. Write content about the benefits of healthy meals and watch the conversions start coming. They manage this affiliate program through ShareASale.

Why should you promote Petplate? You can generate very high commissions ($50 per sale). Besides, they have a long cookie period of 30 days.

8. Petcube Pet Affiliate Program

Petcube affiliate program

It pays to love pets. Become an affiliate with Petcube and get rewarded. Petcube Company narrows its niche to deal with only interactive pet products.

All the products they manufacture are a pet’s dream. These products are treat dispensers that can throw treats at your dog, especially if you are not available to feed it. Besides, they allow you to closely monitor your dog, through an in-built camera, when away from home.

Since these products target only a specific niche, they can be hard to market for affiliates. Nonetheless, with the right content strategy, such as using the right keywords and perfect marketing techniques, you can draw massive sales volume.

Why should you market Petcube? As an affiliate, you earn 10% off each sale. The company monitors this affiliate program using ShareASale. Also, visitors get a cookie duration of 30 days.

9. Muttropolis

Muttropolis affiliate program

By joining Muttropolis, as a pet blogger- you get to earn a commission on any sale or referral you make. Muttropolis focuses on cat and dog sales and provides a comprehensive set of pet products and accessories. Some of these include dog collars, bedding, carriers, toys, natural foods, and more.

Muttropolis partners with, which is a leading affiliate technology to provide effective affiliate tools that will help you monitor your business. Signing up is quite easy and free.

Why should you promote Muttropolis? You will earn high commissions of up to 12% per sale. Besides, they have an extended cookie duration of 120 days and offer a wide variety of products and services to reach a wider audience.

10. King Kanine

Next up on our list of best dog affiliate programs for pet bloggers is King Kanine. King Kanine is a company that aims at manufacturing innovative products for dogs, cats, and horses, such as CBD oils. Besides, these innovative products come to provide alternative forms of treatment for pet ailments.

One of their products, KING KOMB, resolves excessive shedding in Great Dane. It acts as a self-cleaning tool, and the company has a customer reach of more than 26 countries. The company has also evolved to include natural/organic products. The company uses Refersion to monitor this affiliate program.

Why should you promote King Kanine? It offers an extremely high base commission (20%). You receive commissions after every two weeks (the start and mid-month) and has a long cookie life of up to 30 days. Besides, you can promote their products on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and blog websites, making it suitable for bloggers.

11. Furbo Dog Camera Affiliate Program

Furbo provides dog owners with a useful app. This app enables dog owners to connect with their dogs when they are out. Owners can see as well as speak to their dogs and even toss some treats for their dogs using this app. The Furbo app also gives activity alerts to dog owners.

Why promote Furbo?
Furbo is one of the best-selling dog cameras. So it is easy for affiliates to promote such a program. As an affiliate, you can generate up to 10% commission for each sale. The Furbo affiliate program has a 30 days cookie duration.

12. Petco Affiliate Program

Petco has been in operation for more than 50 years, helping pet lovers/owners. They are one of the leading prominent retailers in providing services, products, and advice to help keep our legged friends healthy and happy. They have over 25,000 affiliates in more than 1500 localities across Puerto Rico, Us, and Mexico.

Their products are unique, such that pet owners cannot access them anywhere else. This means that they have a more significant customer audience, which encourages sales, thus earning more conversions for affiliates. Some of the verticals available include Bedding, Food, Litter, Catnip, and more. Their expert affiliate managers are responsible for monitoring the program.

Why should you promote Petco? Depending on the vertical you are marketing, you can earn a 5-8% commission per sale. Visit their website to check on the terms and conditions policy, to find out which verticals earn which percentage of commission. Besides, Petco provides a cookie duration of 7 days.

Dog Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you have ideas of some of the best dog affiliate programs, you will need to select a niche that you can market. Ollie provides a perfect platform for marketing many meal ideas. Affiliates earn $60 per sale and have a long cookie duration of 30 days. One website idea is the Best meals for different dog breeds or healthy diets for dogs.

Next up dog affiliate marketing niche is pet activity monitors. FitBark makes activity trackers that help owners monitor their pet’s health and activity. FitBark makes helpful pet trackers with a high startup commission of 12%. Besides, they have a long cookie duration of up to 60 days. An excellent website idea could be helping weight loss in dogs or a site about how to get your dog active.

Another target niche can be grooming for your furry friends. Self-cleaning products from King Canine have a market base in over 26 countries- this is a potential product you can decide to promote on your site. You earn 20% commission and a 30-day cookie duration.

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In conclusion, pets and their products are a very lucrative and exciting niche in the affiliate marketing business. There are multiple pet owners and lovers who will be your customer base. Besides, it will be an exciting experience to deal with some of these products if you are a pet lover yourself. The dog affiliate programs we highlighted above are currently some of the best you should consider. Regardless of whether they deal with pet accessories, pet foods, training, etc. they can earn you some good money.

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