10 Best Food Affiliate programs in 2024

best food affiliate program

If there is one constant in this world, it is the need for people to eat. The food market rakes billions of dollars in a year, which is due to the ever-present demand for foodstuffs. What’s more, there is a wide range of food products a consumer can choose. Therefore, consumers are most likely always to be spoilt for choice. Some prefer fast-food decisions, while others settle for organic foods.

There numerous online options where a consumer can pick and order food on the internet. A person can choose from fresh farmer’s markets, the local grocery store, candy counters, and pre-packaged options. This is governed by different tastes and preferences that make people want to experiment with different foods. In the online world, this creates an excellent affiliate marketing opportunity for food bloggers. You can get to write about your passions while making some extra cash from the same.

The following is a list of the Best Food Affiliate programs where a blogger can write about the foods they love and make a decent profit from commissions.

List of the best food affiliate programs

  • Sunfood
  • Thrive Market
  • Live Superfoods through Healthy Goods
  • The California Wine Club
  • Nuts
  • Sun Basket
  • Farm Foods
  • Hello Fresh
  • Snake River Farms
  • Gourmet Food Store


Sunfood Affiliate Program

Sunfood specializes in selling non-GMO, organic, and raw superfoods. For instance, you can order maca and cacao for your health needs. Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods with low-calorie levels. Most are usually exotic and cannot be sourced from your regular grocery store. The affiliate program also offers education on healthy foods that people can buy. For instance, on the site, you can receive advice on the advantages of consuming non-GMO foods.

Sunfood has also partnered with Commission Junction as the trusted Affiliate Management System. This platform provides for efficient third-party tracking, live data reporting, and monthly commission checks.

Why choose to promote Sunfood

There are numerous reasons as to why you will be well placed by choosing to market Sunfood. For starters, the average order size is high enough, meaning that you will have many clients who visit the site to make orders. This translates to higher rates of commission earned. The cookie time is 30 days, which is excellent for any affiliate.

The commissions range from 10-20% with monthly commission payments. This plan is beneficial to many marketers as opposed to quarterly commission payments.

You also get paid when you accrue more than $50. Previously it was $100, which ensures you are sure of a constant stream of income. You can also track your commissions in real-time and update your information any time the need arises.

The affiliate programs also enable you to choose from 15 animated and static banners with beautiful designs. You can also select from 50 unique text links and use them in tandem with banners to attract more clients.

2. Thrive Market

Thrivemarket Affiliate Program

This is an online marketplace where you can purchase non-GMO food products, vegan and organic foods. With these modern times, people are careful with what they are eating. Therefore with Thrive Market, you can be sure of a steady commission since it has a large market.

The site makes sure that healthy foods are not only accessible but also affordable. The store has over 6000 products, with the prices being 20-50% below the retail price. With a vibrant team of partners, consumers can also get valuable advice regarding healthy lifestyles.

The product list includes foods for people of all ages, from toddlers to senior adults. Everybody is covered at the site, and chances of your site visitors placing an order are relatively high. They have partnered with CJ to manage their affiliate program.

Why work with Thrive Market

It has a thirty-day free trial period with a subscription fee of $60 per year. Members can save up to $30 form their monthly orders. You will also get up to $40 ( $5 on the purchase of a 1-month membership and $40 for annual membership) commission for every sign-up and a 14-day cookie period.

With a large pool of products to choose from, you can be sure to have many clients make orders from their website. It will be beneficial for increasing your commission earnings.

3. Live Superfoods through Healthy Goods

Healthy Goods Affiliate Program

The products from this online food store are raw and organic. They offer food options that promote healthy living. You can purchase products such as bee pollen powder, Himalayan salt, Incan golden berries, and other many items not readily available in your local grocery store.

The food items are always fresh when they reach customers due to their rapid turnover of inventory. The packaging facility is top-notch with a certification from USDA. Therefore, they continuously receive many orders for their products.

Apart from the food items, the store sells supplements, pet care products, and kitchen items. Therefore, they have a broad market reach, ensuring you will be getting many clicks that earn you a commission. There is a fantastic reason you can choose to work with Live Superfoods through Healthy Goods if you have a food blog.

Why choose Live Superfoods through Healthy Goods

The affiliate program offers aggressive commission rates ranging from 10-15%. The cookie life is 45 days giving your website visitors ample time to place an order and get you paid.

You can also be provided with a personalized banner and links that increase the chances of turning visitors into buyers. You can choose from a comprehensive list of banners and links if you don’t wish to personalize your own.

4. The California Wine Club

CA Wineclub Affiliate Program

The California Wine Club specializes in selling top quality wine products to its customers. They understand that a quality glass of wine is the perfect accompaniment to delicious meals, and that is why they go out of the way to bring the best for their customers. They reject more wine products than they accept, ensuring that the very best reaches the customers.

They have been open since 1990, focusing on helping small scale wineries share their wines to many wine lovers. Customers can be sure the wine comes from personal farm vineyards and handcrafted to perfection. The online store has the ambition to be the best and highest converting wine affiliate program in the world.

For wine bloggers, this presents an excellent opportunity to write about the best wines on the market and still make a handsome profit.

Why promote The California Wine Club

Joining is free, and you get 15% commissions on every sale. With a 90-day cookie time, your website visitors will have enough time to make an order and get you paid in the process. The average order is $186, while the average commission is $24.

The affiliate program also has monthly affiliate promotions as opposed to quarterly promotions.

The affiliate program also has fantastic bonuses, such as the $2 two-tiered bonus.

They have partnered with ShareASale, which offers traffic monitoring and daily data feed updates.

5. Nuts

This online store started as a family business in 1929 but has grown to be a significant food seller online. It has more than 3000 food items to sell to its customer base and over 40000 testimonials from happy and satisfied customers.

There are different categories of food products to choose from, such as chocolate and sweets, baking items, superfood powders, snacks, nuts and seeds, coffee, and tea.

Why choose to work with Nut.com

The reasons that make Nut.com a good affiliate program is the commission plan on offers. Apart from getting an 8% commission for each new customer, you will also get a 2% commission for each returning customer.

The cookie period is 30 days offering excellent opportunities and time for new customers to make an order on the website.

With an extensive food item pool, you stand a good chance of turning your website visitors into Nut.com customers, earning you a handsome commission in the future.

6. Sun Basket

Sun Basket focuses on providing healthy alternatives to people looking to switch to healthy foods. Everybody in the world desire to make that transition, but many are unable due to difficulties in acquiring such food items.

With Sun Basket, you can easily find the food items you need to lead healthy lifestyles, the foods on the online store are organic and fresh. Sun Basket has a wide range of pre-set meals to get you started if you want a vegan diet or a gluten-free food product.

Their meals take about half an hour to prepare, and the packaging is excellent and environmentally friendly. Therefore, your website visitors are guaranteed to save time and money when purchasing food products and reduce their carbon footprint.

Why choose Sun Basket

The cookie time is 30 days, which is enough time for a visitor to click on your blog and place an order on the website.

As an affiliate, you get an opportunity to earn up to $20 for every sale. With average affiliate commission is $89 meaning this is an excellent money-making platform.

It has a massive EPC of up to $560.32, meaning that a typical transaction on the website has multiple food items. It is one of the top programs on ShareASale that you can choose to promote and make money from it.

7. Farm Foods

Farm foods specialize in selling 100% grass-fed beef to its customers. The meat comes for local family farms and can be shipped to any location in the United States. The company also offers free shipping for orders of 10 pounds and above.

The company’s average order is $120, and this gives affiliates an excellent commission earning opportunities. On the company’s website, customers get a chance to watch videos about animal farms and how rearing is done.

Why work with Farm Foods

The company pays a 15% commission on each sale with a 30-day cookie period. With the average order size being $120, affiliates can make $16 for each order made.

Farm Foods has a 4% conversion rate, and 10% of new customers already know of the advantages of grass-fed beef.

The company offers the lowest prices on grass-fed beef compared to all its competitors. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of more sales from your website visitors.

8. Hello Fresh

This is a meal delivery service but with an added advantage that it is global. For many online stores, their working areas are limited to specific geographical locations. Hello Fresh serves a broader geographic reach with offices in North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and New Zealand.

Their market reach, therefore, backs Their claim to be the best and leading provider of fresh food at home. Customers also get a wide variety of food options to choose from and order. They offer healthy proteins, plant-based meals, and even burgers and fries.

Why choose Hello Fresh

Besides having a more extensive market reach than its competitors, Hello Fresh also makes better use of social media platforms to reach new customers.

The commission rate ranges from 10-15% on every sale. What’s more, there are bonuses on offer for affiliates. For instance, you will get $10 for every meal subscription by your visitor and $15 for wine subscription.

The company has a 14-day cookie period from the instance your visitor lands on Hello Fresh website and makes an order.

9. Snake River Farms

The online food company provides quality meat products such as Kurobuta pork, dry-aged beef cuts, and American Wagyu Beef. Their meat products are featured on the menus of leading restaurants in the world. Snake River Farms focuses on producing healthy meat products to their customers, which is why their products are in high demand.

Customers can place orders online and have it delivered to their doorstep. They also sell the unique Chef’s Gold, which is dry-aged beef fat. It is excellent for bringing out the flavor to dry-aged beef cuts.

Why choose Snake River Farms

The average commission is 7%, and the company has a high average order value. The company uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program, and you can be assured of great monthly affiliate promotions.

You will also get a two-tier sign-up bonus, which translates to $5 per sign-up.

Since the company focuses on meat products, you get the potential to earn more during the holiday seasons when grilling is in full flow.

10. Gourmet Food Store

This is an excellent online platform where you can buy delicious and unique gourmet food gifts. The best items you can shop include caviar, smoked salmon, foie gras, and cheese. These are just some of the products that you can get on the online store.

It is a convenient one-stop-shop for chefs looking to add unique and high-quality ingredients to their kitchens. What’s more, it is also a great place to shop for steak and game meat. If you are a meat lover, you are likely to fall in love with this online platform.

You can get buffalo, rabbit, elk and venison game meat products, Kobe and Wagyu beef steaks as well as grass-fed beef.

Why choose Gourmet Food Store

It is easy and free to join the affiliate program. The cookie period is 60 days, which is excellent to get you more customers to make purchases on their website. You will get a chance to earn money through four different Gourmet Food Store Websites.

You will be provided with banners to use on your blog to increase your visitors’ chances of clicking on the website. It can be an effective method to increase traffic on your website. You will earn a 10% commission with each order placed by a new customer.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Knowing the best food affiliate programs isn’t enough to increase traffic and generate leads. There are other ideas and strategies that you can use to turn your visitors to customers.

For instance, you can have a blog website that talks about grilling and BBQ. On this website, you can promote companies like Snake River Farms and Farm Foods since they specialize in meat products. Affiliates can feature grills of all kinds, smokers, meat spices, and BBQ sauces. You are sure to generate leads and get commissions when your visitors finally place orders.

Another excellent website idea is providing nutrition services to the elderly. Such a website could feature online stores such as Sun Food and Live Superfoods through Healthy Goods. The site could be suited to promoting companies that sell supplements, non-GMO foods, and medical supplies.

The idea is to have a website that can promote different companies. For instance, for an on-the-go healthy lifestyle website, you can promote selling healthy foods such as Thrive Market and Sun Basket. Nuts.com also can be featured since they offer healthy snacks. Apart from foods, the website could feature running shoes and travel gear. In this way, you will have a wider market reach and boost your chances of increasing your earnings.


This list of best food affiliate programs are among the top favorites and are just a tip of the iceberg of what is possible with online marketing. You can monetize your website using these affiliate programs, with some helping you generate more traffic to your site. Use the affiliate ideas to generate traffic to your website and increase your earnings from commissions. People will not stop eating and looking for healthier diets, which means that you can be guaranteed a steady income from these food affiliate programs.

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