Best Online Course Platforms in 2024

Best online course platform

The e-learning and the online courses are soaring to greater heights replacing the use of lecture halls to virtual classrooms. Well, these online course platforms are learning management systems that can be accessed virtually via digital classes. The instructor uses audios, video, and text to teach as students follow along using the learning management system. The course software should entail a responsive website where you can upload and retrieve content easily. Therefore, if you are looking for the best online course platform then you are in the right place because I have provided a detailed guide to help you in choosing the best platform. So let’s get into it.

List of the best online course platforms

  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi
  • LearnDash
  • Podia
  • Ruzuku
  • LearnWorlds
  • Academy of Mine
  • WizIQ

Choosing the best online course platform is very essential because it gives freedom to customize your teaching session to meet the student needs. Therefore, you should capitalize on choosing a well-integrated platform that will allow you to create and deliver your content effectively. Here are the top platforms that you need to consider.



This is the best online course platform that allows you to create and sell courses. You can grow your online business by sharing your knowledge which eventually attracts a large audience hence increasing the sales. You can build your course by creating various surveys, quizzes, and tutorials which your learners can download. It can help you to create, deliver, and sell your online course effectively. This makes it very convenient and attractive because it is an all-inclusive platform where you can set pricing, automate your content, and schedule the courses.

Additionally, you can also showcase your themes that are effective in marketing your content. It is also possible to set the expiry date of the content to allow you to generate multiple contents that address various learning issues. This keeps the Learners eager for your next course. Additionally, you are in full control over the course pricing, student information, and site design.

THINKIFIC will also help you to organize your content to look more intuitive by using the drag and drop feature. The content is available in various formats because of the powerful customization features. Additionally, you can advertise your course through various social media platforms and Google adverb.

You can sign up on this platform for free and get a one-month free trial. Furthermore, you can choose different membership pricing options to allow you to advance your online courses. It is also compatible with more than 1000+ apps which makes it a top-rated platform for content creators who are serious about creating and marketing their online courses.

2. Teachable


This is the best platform for beginners. It helps in creating and selling online courses because students can sign up easily to the curriculum and purchase your courses. With just a few clicks you can set up an intuitive site with functional learning management systems which are vital in offering exceptional learning experience. You can also get a professional website that requires minimal configuration.

Teachable is a user-friendly website builder where you can create and design your lectures, homepage, and sale to suit your needs.

It can help you to create multimedia lectures that have e-books, audio, and video files. You can also import content from drop-box, one drive, and google drive. Students can enjoy an exciting learning experience because it is fully optimized for mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The powerful editor can help in the modification of the online course to meet the student’s needs.

After signing up for this platform you will get access to page editors that will help you in drafting and customizing your course. You can also issue a certificate to the Learners who complete the course which makes it a marketing tool because Learners will feel their endeavors with the course are acknowledged. You can also get some feedback from the Learners by integrating teachable with Google forms. This helps you in making your online course more productive.

Teachable allows payments to be made using more than 100 currencies all over the world.

You can choose to use the platform for free but you will incur a small fee for the transaction that you make. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their premium plans. Ideally, It is a very reliable website that you can create and upload your content effortlessly with support from up to 5 admin users.

Teachable and Thinkific are two of the most popular course platforms among the names on this list. Many newbie course creators find it confusing to select between the two. For them, my comparison review of Thinkific vs Teachable will help.



This is one of the best course platforms for professionals which is suitable for creating in-depth courses. It is equipped with powerful digital products, email marketing automation, and site themes. It offers integrated course subscriptions and digital products so that you can upload your content, deliver packaging, and customized pricing. Kajabi website can help in connecting your business which makes it easy to market your courses. Payments have been made easier because of integration with PayPal and Stripe.

You can also build your website without using codes if you have any queries you can always contact their support because they are available 24/7. Additionally, you will be provided with a custom subdomain and domain that is why most professionals fancy using KAJABI. It also enables you to create multiple pages that are ideal for creating a static site. You can also drag and drop videos and images easily.

Their plan is expensive but you will enjoy advanced features. You will be required to pay a $119 monthly fee to access unlimited landing pages, 10,000 contacts, and unlimited marketing emails. You can choose a plan that suits your needs. The most useful feature that KAJABI offers is the marketing automation tool.

4. LearnDash


LearnDash is an amazing platform that is fast and has lots of online course materials. It is a full site tool that allows you to customize the course to meet the needs of your learners. It is also a WordPress plugin hence you can add it to the WordPress site. It is user friendly and you can create multi-tier courses to meet the needs of your learners. You can show grade books, membership, and market courses to your students. If you are looking for a platform that will help you in building educational expertise then this is the best option. It is a full course builder that is great for online courses.


This is the best platform that allows users to create, host, and sell the online course. You can create your website in a simple process for free. You can also add coupons, sales pages, and re-launch courses. You can sell digital downloads including audio files, video files, checklists, cheat sheets, PDF, audiobooks, and e-books.

You can create memberships levels with different prices and products. This helps in creating posts as per the membership plans. Podia allows you to host webinars and sell them. Additionally, you can grow your email list by sending drip campaigns and newsletters to your subscribers. You can also monitor your campaigns by clicking on the rates.

It also has features that give specific sections of the course which facilitates students learning. There is also a membership option that can help you to grow online communities by connecting with other groups. Additionally, you can manage your affiliate program under one roof to allow you to customize your commission through affiliate marketing.


This is the best platform where you can create an online course within a short time. You can run a check on your previous course and administer it again to your learners. You can also host video and audio stress which makes learning more effective.

RUZUKU also allows you to send your announcement through emails. You can also add your subscription to a specific course. You will also receive notifications when students post their questions. Additionally, integrating RUZUKU with mail chip is also very important in marketing your online courses. Through this site, you can host a video broadcast to make your online course more productive.

7. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds allows you to access teaching materials at a cheaper price. Moreso, you can get a customized domain, coupons, and unlimited paid courses. This platform is great in building pages and marketing your courses. You can set up an education platform with a complete course catalog and multiple tutors. The good thing is that these tutors will not be able to change the course outline from what you have initially requested.

You can upload and edit various components of your course to ensure they are compatible with the various operating system. This platform is the best for anyone who loves simplicity by engaging the online community straight from the learners to the tutors. There are discussion forums that will help you in sourcing out information related to the course and feedback. There are diverse tools that allow you to host various courses.

8. Academy of Mine

This is a platform that is custom built to meet business needs. However, it is an expensive platform because it is an all in one solution that you can launch a full website and sell your online courses. It allows you to create a customized online course, provides galleries and landing pages. You can also generate quizzes, badges, assignments, and certificates. In a nutshell, it is a complete learning management system that is great for those who sell their courses using other marketing tools. Most users are satisfied with the way you can customize the LMS to meet the needs of your Learners.

9. WizIQ

If you are looking for a platform that will allow you to set up a virtual classroom effortlessly then here is all that you need. You can create your online course and upload them in various formats.

Additionally, it supports HD conferencing for quality video calls. This platform allows learners to track their performance with the course. It can also be integrated with other learning management systems like Joomla and WordPress to provide an extensive learning experience. It also offers ample storage space and you can add your brand logo. Additionally, you can conduct assessments and administer tests online.

Which are the best online Learning marketplaces?

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • SkillShare
  • EdX
  • TreeHouse
  • Shaw Academy

Lets check them one by one.

1. Udemy


This is one of the best market places for online courses especially for those people who would like to start small. It is one of the popular market places that offer an unmatched student network that will boost your sales. You need to build your course on the Udemy dashboard to gain access to the Udemy student’s community where you will start selling your course. However, Udemy will reserve half of the revenue you get from selling the courses if they are helping you to promote your online course.

You can upload course materials in the form of PDFs, videos, and audios. The catch when using Udemy is that you will have to loosen your control over the course to gain access to the student community where it is a good platform to market your course.

2. Coursera

This is yet another top marketplace for online courses. You will have access to a vast community of academicians because students can have access to academic courses. There are over 4000 courses and programs from different universities. The time and cost to complete a course vary. Students can pay up to $39 for a regular course that takes 4-6 weeks. If a student wants to take an online degree that takes 4 years he might be expected to pay more for the degree program. Therefore, this is a place where you can invest in by providing high-quality online courses to meet the learner’s needs.

3. LinkedIn learning

It was formerly known as Lynda. It offers video courses where learners can access up to 15000 courses. This is a good platform where you can build a learning portal where students can access it using desktop and other mobile devices. You can also upload documents and videos. Additionally, you will be provided with various templates that will help you in creating a course. Therefore, the popularity of this platform is very essential in marketing your online courses.


This is a mobile-friendly platform where you can share video courses in photography, lifestyle, animation, and writing. Most courses are taught by professional writers, artists, and other creatives. Therefore, the popularity of the SKILLSHARE platform attracts learners to buy the course because they are being taught by experts. Students who have subscribed to the premium membership plan can save 50%of the total cost.

5. EdX

This platform offers various courses and professional certificate programs. It is similar to Coursera but it is University-based. Some EdX-series involve a collection of courses that gives learners the freedom to select courses based on their needs. Additionally, the subjects being offered are varied but they focus on attaining professional skills. Payment is required when receiving a certificate. It is a good platform where you can market your course especially for those seeking professional skill courses. The X-series program involves various courses up to 2000+.

6. Treehouse

This is a reputable and reliable e-learning platform that is easy to use. Its landing page is minimalistic. The content quality makes this platform popular which is an ideal marketing place. Learners can access interactive courses and video tutorials. Treehouse also offers team-based training which is great for people who are seeking to develop their team. Additionally, it offers different payment options that allow you to plan based on your abilities and needs. Therefore, it is a great marketing place for top-notch content.

7. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is a learning marketplace that gives its students access to professional, globally recognized online courses. Their courses are suitable for professionals, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs.

Students can get their courses for free for the first four weeks. After that, you can continue learning by paying a monthly fee. The main advantage is that their in-depth courses are globally recognized and offer certifications that help you in your career ahead. As the Shaw Academy’s courses are flexible they let you complete the course at your own pace. They offer helpful support and allows the students to download class recordings to watch them offline.

They don’t offer the same volume of Hobby courses as seen in platforms like SkillShare. The cost of their courses ranges from $49.99 to $60 per month.


The online courses platform that I have reviewed in this article are the best you can get. The most important thing is to understand your needs and go for a platform that will sufficiently meet your needs.

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