NameHero Hosting Review 2024 [Is it any good?]

NameHero Hosting Review

NameHero hosting is one of the highest-rated and popular hosting providers in the WordPress community. They offer exceptional in-house WordPress security and speed solutions to make your website as secure and fast as possible. NameHero hosting provides outstanding 24/7 support, which is why it is getting excellent ratings on review sites like Trustpilot.

NameHero is founded in 2015 by a group of experienced Internet Entrepreneurs. Its features include one-click WordPress install, setup staging, CDN, built-in WP caching, and automatic upgrading. It is also one of the few hosting companies that provide location-specific hosting with data centers in the United States and Europe. All their plans come with free email accounts, auto and free SSL certificate, CDN, and more. Apart from that, they have fast and strong servers and affordable plans. Their best-selling plan is the shared hosting plan Plus-Cloud. It is perfect for hosting multiple sites, 1-click staging, and getting more server resources that enhance the speed in web hosting.

Hosting-TypesShared Web Hosting/Reseller/VPS/Cloud Dedicated Hosting
Starting Price$4.48/Month
Key FeaturesLiteSpeed Server(20x Faster)
Free SSL
Free Daily Backup
Free CDN (Cloudflare/QUIC cloud)
Free Unlimited Email Accounts
HTTP/3 and QUIC enabled servers
Free website migration
Staging area
LiteSpeed Cache (server-side caching solution)
PHP 8.1
cPanel Control Panel
Advanced Firewall, Intrusion Detection & Protection, Real-Time Malware Detection
BenefitsReliable Website uptime (99.9%)
Superfast page loading
Secured hosting
Quick response from the experienced support team
Easy site migration from your existing server
Affordable Price

NameHero Hosting Review

NameHero Hosting

Lets jump in to the details.

1. NameHero Hosting’s Key Features

a. Uptime and Reliability

NameHero hosting has an excellent uptime of 99.99%. With multiple data centers across the US and Europe and optimized server platforms, NameHero relies on technological excellence to deliver flexibility and speed across the board. These are not void marketing statements. The NameHero hosting servers use the LiteSpeed webserver. Technical terminologies aside, the end consumers get these things:

• Optimized performance: Optimized LiteSpeed servers utilize the resources of the server without any operating costs to provide speed and exceptionally reliable performance that manages traffic peak loads without malfunctioning.

• Enhanced Security: When the user accounts are isolated, the likelihood of a hacked website to infect other hosted sites on the same server is minimized. That is not the only security feature offered by NameHero, but it contributes largely to the overall safety of the hosting conditions.

• Better account isolation: Shared hosting provides enough capacity for several users and their sites to get accommodated on one physical server. Excellent separation between the accounts of pronounced users enhances performance and security.

Another privately operated technology used in monitoring the performance of servers contributes to the exceptional uptime of NameHero. The system reacts to issues within a very short time and fixes them as fast. The proactive functional capability of this powerful monitoring tool identifies and protects against potential issues before they emerge.

NameHero believes in its infrastructure that it provides compensation to anyone with over 0.1% downtime annually. Every user can check the status of NameHero servers through his or her user area. They have a reliable infrastructure that offers flawless uptime.

b. Performance/Speed

NameHero has a quick response time and a fast, fully loaded time. If you run speed tests on your domain, the results might fluctuate a little bit. Site speed is measured in terms of response time (first byte) and the amount of time taken to load a page fully. The latter is more crucial to the end-user as the initial byte sent by the server does not provide meaningful information for a human consumer, but slow delivery of the first byte delays everything else.

The response of NameHero under load is stunning, with practically no bottlenecks or spikes as the virtual users pile onto the pages of a basic WordPress site. The response that end-users get when navigating on your site is awe-inspiring. The Linux Containers assists in delivering a smooth and scalable performance. The response time and loading speed of NameHero are faster than 95% of other hosting sites. The strong backend offers excellent speeds without any caching or add-ons.

Most individuals get confused between response time and uptime. Response time is the amount of time taken by the server to send out your web page. Uptime, on the other hand, is the amount of time that the server is available. NameHero hosting offers excellent uptime and response time. They use the latest technology in all its hardware and servers. Your User account is also moved from time to time, from old hardware to new, faster, and upgraded servers to ensure a faultless performance for all hosted sites at all times.

NameHero is among the fastest web hosting companies out there with load time speeds ranging from 0.02 seconds to 1 second. The speed technologies they provide include:

  • PHP 8.1: PHP is a scripting language in the server, and it is typically utilized to build dynamic site content. PHP 8.1 has been tested and proven to boost speed significantly.
  • HTTP/3-enabled servers: This is the latest network protocol, and it plays a part in increasing speed.
  • LiteSpeed Servers (20x Faster)It is a web server technology that increases the loading time of your website. PHP handling is again optimized with LS Cache extension. Now LiteSpeed is the #1 commercial web server. The performance of the LiteSpeed server is up to 20x faster than Apache servers.
  • SSDs are used on every account: These are superior in reliability and speed than HDDs. They have NVMe Storage in Turbo Cloud and Business Cloud plans.
  • CloudLinux OS: CloudLinux gives dedicated resources (RAM, CPU, I/O, etc.) to each account to make sure your website is always loading at the best speed.
  • LiteSpeed Cache: You can choose between dynamic or static caching, or Memcached – Memcached is a robust open-source caching system.
  • Cloudflare CDN/Quic Cloud CDN: Cloudflare is one of the most popular content delivery networks. You also have the option for QUIC Cloud CDN.
    LiteSpeed Server + QUIC cloud CDN + LS Cache will be an awesome combination.
  • Maria Databases: Unlimited Maria (MySQL) Databases with php-MyAdmin Access. Maria Db is a stand-in replacement for MySQL. MariaDB follows the same structure and schemas. So it is compatible with any scripts/software that require mySQL. The difference is safer and faster data replication.

How To Enable Http/3 And Quic Cloud to Improve Your Website Load Time By 100%+ (For Free)

In this video tutorial, Ryan Gray(CEO of NameHero) shows how to enable http/3 and Quic.Cloud CDN on your website, to improve your website’s page load time by 100%+.

c. Customer Support

Customer Support

The NameHero hosting support is stellar. They are always ready to answer your queries and are available 24/7. They are knowledgeable, considerate, and fast. You will be impressed by their attitude and expertise that goes the extra mile. NameHero recruits only experienced agents for technical support. Each support staff undergoes serious testing before being hired and then undergoes three to six months of internal training.

The typical thinking in the web hosting industry is that almost everyone can do the job regardless of their previous experience. Cutting-edge support is not rocket science – after a few weeks of training, anyone can be remotely qualified to provide adequate solutions to basic hosting problems. At NameHero hosting, they have a different mentality. Their support team has exceptional knowledge in web hosting, responds very quickly, and are always eager to help. They have one of the best online technical support among hosting companies.

Simply, NameHero hosting Support is:

• Exceptional knowledge base – They have several articles on their website for both basic and advanced users. You can even get free tutorials on optimizing your WordPress site, and it has excellent advice.

• Ready to offer more than basic troubleshooting – “This is beyond our range of support” is a popular response among tech support staff, but you will not hear it from NameHero hosting.

• Excited to help – Irrespective of the query presented, NameHero hosting support agents will serve you with a positive attitude and desire to solve your issue.

• Fast service – All chats that you start are answered promptly.

• Highly knowledgeable – All NameHero hosting support agents are experts in web hosting and thus can help with any technical issue that you have.

d. Free SSL and Free CDN

The web is moving towards the secure HTTPS protocol as the default protocol. SSL certificates are no longer only for websites that receive sensitive data like login details and credit card information. Having an SSL installed on your website is now an aspect of search engine ranking and a requirement for utilizing the latest and faster HTTP/3 protocol for your website loading. That is why NameHero is among the first web hosting providers to include free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate in all their plans, which enables every website to be run using a secure connection for free.

Let’s Encrypt is a free and automated open certificate authority that provides domain-proven security certificates. The primary objective of the project is to make encryption ever-present on the internet so that all your web browsing becomes safe.

e. Other Features

i) Free Backups

NameHero stores nightly/weekly backups of clients’ hosting accounts for up to 30 days. Customers who have enabled the NameHero Backup Service can restore backups themselves from their cPanel on the Backup Tool tab. Using this tool, Emails, MySQL databases, and all Files and folders can be restored to their initial state.

ii) Choice of Server Locations

Currently, NameHero hosting utilizes the following data center locations:

  • Michigan, USA (3 Data Centers)
  • Missouri, USA
  • Arizona, USA
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

New VPS servers are currently initiated in Amsterdam, NL. The data centers have been selected after a thorough investigation and have been proven to be among the most reliable ones. The servers undergo continuous securing, upgrading, and monitoring by a highly skilled team of NameHero system administrators.

iii) Free Website Migration

All new customers, with existing websites (smaller than 8GB compressed), will receive a complimentary website migration within the first 30 days of placing their order. NameHero support agents have extensive experience in website migration as they transfer hundreds of websites every day. You won’t experience any downtime and can transition over to NameHero’s service with ease. This complimentary migration service is offered to all new customers, whether it is Shared hosting/Reseller hosting/VPS or Cloud Dedicated hosting.

How To Request For a Free Website Migration

  • Login to the NameHero Client Area
  • Complete their Migration Request Form (one per domain)
  • Give NameHero support team 24-48 hours (mostly, much sooner) to complete your site migration from your previous web host.

iv) 30 days Money-back Guarantee

For the opening period (once your NameHero hosting account is created and activated), the company issues customers a refund to their hosting accounts and service cancellations within 30 days from the activation date. NameHero has a 30-day money-back guarantee for all its hosting plans. The money-back-guarantee gives you peace of mind that their services will meet the expectations outlined in terms of service.

2. Email management

NameHero has a unique customized email hosting solution that allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of individualized email accounts that are based on your domain. They add different third-party and in-house solutions to ensure a secure, fast, and spam-free email experience. They ensure that both your website and email run smoothly on their servers and that your site is better, faster, and safer than with other hosting providers. All NameHero hosting plans offer an unlimited number of free email accounts with your Domain Name.

3. Plans and pricing

NameHero Hosting Plans

NameHero offers cloud dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and shared hosting plans. If you are a beginner, then the shared hosting plans would be an excellent fit for your needs. However, your website will grow, and you will need to ensure that you have other plans to upgrade to. Let’s have a look at NameHero’s hosting plans and the features they offer:

• Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is best for beginners and new sites. It is excellent for low traffic sites as you will be sharing resources with other sites hosted on the server.

• Reseller Hosting: This plan gives the option to resell the hosting space to prospective customers. This plan is ideal for agencies who wish to make money selling server space.

• VPS Hosting: NameHero has an exclusive line of cloud-powered VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting packages. VPS will give its customers full control over their hosting server. With full root access and dedicated resources, customers can configure their VPS to meet the exact needs of their business.

• Cloud Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting provides users with a complete server for their sites. It is more costly but offers a lot more power. The problem with this plan is that you have to manage the server yourself.

NameHero’s Shared Hosting Plans

Namehero Price Plans

Let’s get into the details of their shared hosting. NameHero’s shared hosting plans are in four levels to match various budgets. These plans are recommended for beginners to advanced users.

• Starter Cloud: The plan is limited to hosting a single website. You will get unlimited SSD storage, nightly backups, website transfer, free setup, 1-click WordPress install, and more. It is excellent for hosting sites with 10,000 visitors per month. (Cost: $4.48 per month)

• Plus Cloud: This plan enables you to host unlimited websites. It includes unlimited SSD storage, free and auto SSL, LS cache, all the features offered in the Starter Cloud plan, and more. It is excellent for websites with 25,000 visitors per month. (Cost: $7.12 per month)

• Turbo Cloud: This plan enables you to host unlimited websites. It includes unlimited NVMe storage, free and auto SSL, LS cache, all the features offered in the Starter Cloud plan, and more. It is excellent for websites with 50,000 visitors per month. (Cost: $10.97 per month)

• Business Cloud: It is suitable for sites that have monthly traffic of 100,000 visitors. It includes all the Turbo-Cloud features and more. (Cost: $16.47 per month)

If you signup for the Starter-Cloud plan, then you can host only one website. But if you choose Plus-Cloud or higher plans, you can host multiple websites. When you build websites, it is common that people get new ideas for another niche site or something. It is always beneficial if you choose Plus-Cloud or higher plans so that you can use it for another site.

I would suggest you to go with Plus-Cloud or higher plans, according to your requirement.

Why I moved my websites to NameHero Hosting?

I have used most of the popular web hosts either for my own blogs or for my client’s online projects.
Once you get significant traffic from Google, there could be stages where your posts go viral or something. Some social shares can give an unexpected spike in your traffic. This spike is the best opportunity you have for your site. You work every day to get there and when the time comes the server goes off and your site shuts down without being able to handle the sudden spike!

I have been through this situation many times. You need a host that can handle this unexpected spike in traffic. From my experience, I can say NameHero is one of the most reliable hosts out there that can handle any kind of spike in traffic. After moving my sites to NameHero, I never had to worry about site outages.

Oh Yeah..This website runs on NameHero Hosting.. 🙂

The positives I find on NameHero Hosting are

  • Reliability and Uptime
  • Superfast loading
  • User-friendly interface
  • Knowledgeable support staff
  • Latest technology-loaded infrastructure

It is worth the money and gives me peace of mind. I no more need to worry about hosting issues.

NameHero Reviews

NameHero Hosting Review on Trustpilot, Sitejabber and ShopperApproved

NameHero hosting is trusted by clients and industry experts alike. They have received an excellent review of 4.6 out of 5 in TrustPilot. A lot of industry experts like Darrel Wilson, Adam Preiser, etc have vouched for NameHero hosting.

Namehero Reviews

Verified customers of Namehero have given a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. It implies the quality of service offered by the company is top-notch.


After reading this NameHero hosting review, you might still be wondering if it is the right hosting solution for your website. If you need a reliable and fast hosting service with exceptional customer support, then NameHero hosting is right for you. Their hosting plans suit every budget, and each comes with a great collection of features. All their shared hosting plans come with SSD storage, Cloudflare CDN, and Let’s Encrypt free SSL, free website transfer, and a 1-click WordPress installer. If you are starting a new website, you will certainly enjoy NameHero hosting’s customer support.

Explore NameHero Hosting

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