15 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs for Beauty and Makeup bloggers in 2024

Best beauty affiliate programs

People worldwide are increasingly concerned about how they look and are willing to spend more resources to look beautiful. More so, makeup is no longer limited to women as more men are willing to put on makeup. It’s no surprise that the makeup and beauty industry has an estimated annual turnover of $180 billion and is expected to be worth about $675 billion at the end of 2020, making it a perfect niche for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

With the rise of e-commerce, more beauty companies offer affiliate programs to get a bigger share of the industry through bloggers. The affiliate programs feature great beauty products to monetize your cosmetic and beauty-related website or blog. Here is an exclusive look at the best beauty affiliate programs for makeup bloggers.

List of the best beauty affiliate programs

  • Madison Reed
  • BH Cosmetics
  • Beautylish
  • Afterglow Cosmetics
  • Ayla Beauty
  • The Detox Market
  • Elizabeth Arden Makeup
  • Style Korean
  • XLASH Cosmetics
  • Ulta Beauty
  • Makeup Geek
  • Sigma Beauty
  • Erno Laszlo
  • Olive Young
  • Juice Beauty
  • Sephora
  • Colorescience

1. Madison Reed

Madison Reed Affiliate Program

Madison Reed is a company that deals with professional quality hair color that contains natural and safe ingredients. They also sell any product that relates to coloring your hair. Some of these products include; shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, hair tools, root touch-ups, bonding and priming treatments, and other hair accessories.

They also offer personalized guidance to their customers to ensure the best results. Affiliates receive a $20 flat rate for a first-time purchase plus $10 affiliate referral bonuses. All new affiliates are given free hair color trials. With after-sale customer service, they truly care about giving less damaging hair products to their clients.

2. BH Cosmetics

Bh cosmetics Affiliate Program

This brand offers among the leading affiliate programs in the beauty industry. As an affiliate, you will get an 8% commission for each sale when the items are bought within 60 days. With a 6.46% conversion rate, this is one of the top rates in the makeup market. You will also get a 90-day cookie tracker, so if the referrals purchase the products within 60 days after their first click, you will still earn money.

BH Cosmetics offers free shipping to customers who buy goods worth $40 and above. Additionally, it sends a monthly information sheet to educate its target audience about all the products to maximize its earnings. Remarkably, it offers customized creatives for your makeup websites to enhance their attractiveness and appearance. Even more, their professional customer care service is 24/7 reliable.

3. Beautylish

Beautylish Affiliate Program

Beautylish deals with a wide range of beauty and health products. They have product collections from more than a hundred brands to ensure that you can find anything, including fragrances, skincare, makeup, nail care, brushes, tools, and hair products.

Beautylish allows affiliates to earn a commission of 10% on any product sold via their website links. With a wide variety of products, you have an increased earning potential. They also have a community of beauty professionals who provide customers with beauty advice, cosmetic video tutorials, how to do at home, and other useful beauty content.


VioletGrey Affiliate Program

This is a commerce and extravagance content cosmetic company that deals with -more than a hundred luxury cosmetic brands used by top Hollywood artists and celebrities. All products go through rigorous testing and authentication to come up with an exclusive selection of beauty products. As an affiliate, you will earn a 12% commission on products sold. It has a cookie life of 30 days.

VIOLET GREY is an invite-only program where you will need to email them your website URL, email, name, and country, and they will extend their invitation to you if they find you as a perfect fit. Their affiliates are offered 24/7 customer care support and have access to the daily data feed.

5. Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics Affiliate Program

This brand provides premium organic makeup products. The products have been certified to be gluten-free. This allows affiliates to reach out to fashion enthusiasts who want to look great using organic cosmetic products. Its product is free from cruelty.

This affiliate program offers a 10% commission with the management ensuring they hire a highly efficient affiliate team. It inspires its affiliates to be online promoters of safe and organic cosmetics and speak against animal cruelty. They have a fully dedicated support team to help you optimize your pay.

6. Ayla Beauty

Ayla Beauty Affiliate Program

Ayla is a popular beauty company among those that offer the best affiliate programs. The company deals with a variety of non-toxic and healthy beauty products around the globe. Every product has been handpicked according to its proven quality and non-toxic ingredients.

They include body, hair, and skin beauty products. Their affiliate program provides a 10% commission on all sales, which is a fair rate to earn you a significant amount of cash. Additionally, they give ample custom guides and personalized for you and their customers. This is a legit affiliate program that you shouldn’t avoid.

7. The Detox Market

The Detox Market Affiliate Program

The Detox Market was established in 2010 and has gained a good reputation through its motive to pursue the creation of healthy green beauty. Its founder got his inspiration from a close friend diagnosed with breast cancer whose cause was using toxic cosmetic ingredients.

The company deals with beauty products from makeup, hair, skincare, aromatherapy, supplements, and body products. They also feature a Detox box, a monthly subscription where the members enjoy great discounts. Affiliates get to earn a 10% omission on any product. It has 30 days cookie.

8. Elizabeth Arden Makeup

Elizabeth Arden Affiliate Program

Elizabeth Arden is a household name popular known for thousands of its cosmetic products more famously used in most countries. This company sells a wide array of cosmetic products, including; foundations, anti-aging skincare products, perfumes, and retinol ceramide capsules.

For every sale made via your website, you will get a 5% commission. Their cookie duration is seven days. More so, you will get to enjoy 24/7 customer service. The company has a dedicated affiliate manager who offers you with promotional tools, and customizable creative for your website to make it more attractive for your customers.

9. Style Korean

Style Korean Affiliate Program

As the name suggests, Style Korean deals with high-quality and safe Korean cosmetic products. The company was established in 2012 and has already gone international, selling more than 3000 different items worldwide. They mostly focus on skincare products, hair care products, and makeup with lots of masks, acne care products, and cleansers.

With these unique Korean products, affiliates can earn a significant amount as they draw customers more than other products. Their commission is 7%, standard for all sales. With many potential customers preferring Korean products, being an affiliate for this company could earn you some regular customers.

10. XLASH Cosmetics

Xlash Cosmetics Affiliate Program

For most ladies, their eyelashes serve as the trademark of their beauty. The more luscious, thicker, and longer, the better. Although they might opt for eyelash extensions, they are costly and hurting and may expose them to health dangers.

Xlash Cosmetics has manufactured eyelashes and eyebrows serum to help boost the growth of your eyelashes. They also sell special mascara to go with the serum for higher efficiency. Their affiliate program offers a 15% commission to affiliates on any product sold. This is one of the highest commission rates as compared to the others.

11. Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program

Ulta Beauty is one of the major makeups and beauty companies in the USA. It is a primary destination for skincare, haircare, fragrance, and salon products. The company has a wide range of cosmetic items to trade, ranging from approximately 2000 products. Currently, there are more than 500 different brands under the Ulta umbrella, such as Smash Bo, CHI, Benefit, and Too Faced bareMinerals. Commissions range from 1 percent for cheap products up to 5 percent for the expensive products.

Most of the products have a 2 % affiliate commission as they are cheap and a 30-day cookie. This means you will require huge traffic to make good returns. This is a bit easy as most people love affordable products. Ulta Beauty has additional tools and promotions for dedicated affiliates, including; coupons, free shipping offers, special offers, gifts, and promotions. The best thing about the company’s affiliate program is its popular brand that makes it easier for you to promote -and sell their products.

12. Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek Affiliate Program

As an affiliate blogger, Makeup Geek is one of the best websites to refer to your audiences for purchasing quality beauty products as they learn some makeup techniques. This brand provides a variety of makeup video tutorials on its site to improve the customer’s makeup skills. You can easily join its affiliate program from their website directly. They offer a 15% commission rate with a 15 days referral period.

13. Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program

Sigma Beauty was initially a manufacturing company producing high-quality makeup brushes, and then they started to invest in other items. Currently, their makeup products include eyeshadows, foundations, and cleansing.

Being an affiliate on Sigma Beauty earns you a 10% commission and lots of attractive bonuses. It also links you with an influence network through its distinctive marketing and content campaigns that advise you on boosting your sales and earnings. Sigma Beauty often organizes campaigns and contests that earn you money.

14. Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo Affiliate Program

This is another great makeup brand offering an affiliate program to make a good amount of cash. It offers an in-house program that allows affiliates to share promotions and links. You get to earn a commission for all the sales made via your link. The unique link also gives your customers full access to the promotions of the company.

Erno Laszlo has a tier based commission system. They have 3 level affiliate system that offers 15%, 20% and 25% commission respectively. As an affiliate, you get to earn a 15 to 25 percent commission for any item you sell via your link. Its cookie is 30 days. Additionally, it provides a real-time report of your sale traffic, including offers per item and commission earnings.

15. Olive Young

Olive Young Affiliate Program

Olive Young is among the oldest beauty and health stores in Korea. The company was started in 1999, and with more than two decades of operation, it has established over a thousand stores globally that provide its products to more than 150 countries.

Olive Young deals with all kinds of cosmetic products from skin, makeup, hair, and a wellness section for men. Affiliates receive a 10% commission for any -product plus frequent promotions and discounts.

16. Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Affiliate Program

This is a cosmetic brand that provides high-quality skincare and makeup products approved by the USA organic regulations. Some of its award-winning skincare makeup products include; Allure, ELLE, Glamour, and InStyle. Affiliates earn a six percent commission on every referral sent to the JuiceBeaty.com website. They give a 30-day tracking cookie. They have open approval guidelines but have some requirements, such as aesthetically pleasing site design and not displaying mature content.

17. Sephora

Sephora Affiliate Program

Sephora offers affiliates one of the largest and platforms of makeup items worldwide. It has a variety of cosmetic items ranging from iconic, luxury names to new products. After you register, you get to access more than 13000 products from some globally popular companies.

Your earning varies depending on the offer. Additionally, you will earn up to 10 percent commission and 4 percent commission for returning clients. Sephora has a 30-day cookie duration, and they provide free shipping for products worth $50 and above. More so, the affiliates enjoy exciting resources to make sure they maximize their sales.

18. Colorescience

Colorescience Affiliate Program

Also, on our list is Colorescience, a company that manufactures and distributes premium makeup, skincare, and sun care products. The program allows you to earn some cash via your own traffic while also giving your customers a high-quality and award-winning range of makeup products.

This affiliate program offers a 5% commission for any product sold and has a high conversion rate. As an affiliate, you will be given promotional materials such as banners, logos, product feeds, and text links. Its management team is fully dedicated to accounting management. It also features frequently updated promotions and creative assets. The Colorescience affiliate program has a 30-day cookie. With lots of award-winning cosmetic products, you won’t find it hard to affiliate with them.


Appearances are very sensitive, and many people are willing to pay high prices to achieve the anticipated looks. This has led to the increasing growth of the makeup industry. However, to make it as an affiliate in this unique industry, it needs persistence. You can build a positive image, and customers will trust you more. Try out these affiliate programs, and you never know; this could be the year that you achieve your financial goals.

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