19 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs for Finance Bloggers in 2024

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Through credit cards, one can make purchases and pay the amount later with interest. An excellent credit card history and score are also factored in by lending institutions to determine eligible persons for big loans, such as mortgages and car loans. For these and many other reasons, more and more people are getting credit cards.

In the US alone, there are about 364 million open credit card accounts. Other statistics show that 7 out of 10 Americans have an open credit card account. Due to their popularity, credit cards are very easy to promote and highly-profitable compared to other niches. In this article, we are going to look into some of the best credit card affiliate programs. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking.

List of the Best credit card affiliate programs

  • Credit
  • Bankrate Credit Card Network
  • Experian
  • CommissionSoup
  • OpenSky by Capital Bank
  • Credit Assistance Network
  • Credit Repair
  • American Express Payment Gateway
  • Luxury Card
  • CardRatings
  • BankAffiliates
  • CreditCardBroker
  • Avianca LifeMiles credit card
  • Upgrade credit card
  • TransUnion
  • ViaBuy
  • Multicard
  • FlexOffers
  • Credit Karma

1. Credit.com affiliate program


Founded by credit experts, Credit.com helps customers make well-informed financial decisions. The program offers free tools, education, and unbiased reviews of financial products and services. They aim to be a reliable source of expert advice on financial matters about credit cards, scores, and reporting. Credit.com support staff are easily accessible through live chats and emails.

Why Promote Credit.com? They have excellent, high-converting credit services and products. The program minds its affiliates and works jointly with them for a more fabulous affiliate experience. Besides, advertisers earn high commissions and can access a lot of exclusive offers, creatives, and branding. The cookie duration and commission payouts vary.

2. Bankrate Credit Card Network

bankrate credit cards

Bankrate Credit Card Network is a program leader in credit card affiliate marketing. The program is run in-house by a team of credit card performance professionals. It provides some of the best credit cards offers from leading issuers such as Capital One, Citi, American Express, Chase, and Discover. Their program provides advertisers with acknowledged editorial content, branding solutions, data feeds, and user-friendly tools. They work closely with affiliates and are readily available in case of any queries.

Why Promote Bankrate Credit Card Network? It is a leading credit card affiliate program that provides credit card offers from some reputable companies. Affiliates can access a wide range of marketing tools and content for better conversions. They offer members enticing commissions.

3. Experian


Experian helps users access credit reports, scores, security against identity theft, and online credit monitoring. Over the years, they have managed to deliver more than 20M credit reports, and offer exclusive credit monitoring products to over 3.1 million users. They partner with Commission Junction to monitor their program. Interested affiliates can join this program through cj.com. Advertisers get exclusive marketing tools and material to kick start their enterprise.

Why Promote Experian? It is well-known for providing customer credit scores, excellent commissions, and a reliable provider. Affiliates can make good money from their high commissions. Besides, they enjoy an extended 45-day cookie duration. Review their terms & conditions policy to learn more about their payout rates for various products.

4. CommissionSoup


CommissionSoup is one of the leading performance-based affiliate programs, with more than 18 years in the game. They offer select credit card offers from reputable banks; thus, business owners and customers can find the best card to match their needs. The program is dedicated to helping advertisers maximize revenue. They offer affiliates some of the best marketing tools and technology to help them generate more leads.

Why Promote CommissionSoup? They offer an excellent and vast credit card selection from some to-rated issuers. The support staff works hand in hand with affiliates to help them grow their profits from more conversions.

5. OpenSky by Capital Bank


Open Sky is issued by Capital Bank and among one of the best-converting affiliate programs available. The OpenSky Credit Visa Card is secured and specially designed to help users’ enhance their credit scores. With OpenSky, you do not have to apply for a credit card, and members can pre-set their credit limits. Besides, this card accrues shallow annual interests. Affiliates get access to an exclusive set of marketing tools.

Why Promote OpenSky? It offers a great credit card, which charges shallow yearly interests. CJ Affiliate manages Its affiliate network. Also, affiliates can earn up to $25 commission and enjoy an extended 30-day cookie duration.

6. Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network is a leading credit repair company that resolves almost all, if not all, credit card problems. These include delayed payments, incorrect user details, bankruptcy, debt management, building credit, excessive inquiries, to name a few. The Better Business Bureau ranks it at A+. They use ShareASale to monitor their program. Affiliates with websites relating to self-help, debt, finance, or credit can score a chance.

Why Promote Credit Card Assistance Network? It is a leading credit card repair company. Advertisers get exclusive creatives, tracking tools, coupons, and special offers for a more exceptional affiliate experience. Affiliates get to enjoy $1.25 per lead and $95 per sale, not mentioning the benefits of the extended one-year cookie duration.

7. Credit Repair affiliate program

Creditrepair Affiliate Program

Like Credit Card Assistance Network, CreditRepair is a market leader in credit repair services in the United States. They have been operating for a decade and helped thousands of users achieve their credit goals. Commission Junction monitors its affiliates, providing them with necessary marketing tools and resources. Their support team works closely with members to improve their enterprise, offering them enticing commission rates.

Why Promote CreditRepair? They are a market leader in providing credit card repairs to help members enhance their credit score. They offer affiliates high commission rates ($70) to benefit from a 90-day cookie life. Nevertheless, check out the terms and conditions to learn more about their offers.

American Express Payment Gateway

Amex payment gateway Affiliate Program

URL: https://paymentgateway.americanexpress.com/Affiliates/

American Express shares the same platform as one of the top credit card companies alongside Mastercard and Visa. Their affiliate program is available globally, with access to more than 30 international banks. The American Express Payment Gateway is safely secured to meet the customer needs fully. The company works closely with affiliates, offering them the necessary technical and customer support to improve their profits.

Why Promote American Express Payment Gateway? They offer excellent credit card services to their members. Their products are flexible and affordable, hence readily marketable. Besides, affiliates can earn up to $200 per sale and enjoy a 7-day cookie life.

Luxury Card

Luxurycard Affiliate Program

From the first impression (design), a Luxury card is one of those premium cards. So, this card is for a specific target audience, and that is the rich and wealthy. The Luxury Card provides a 2% cashback and redeemed air miles. There are several versions of this card, such as the 24-karat gold version. It also comes with a pass for some airport lounges in several locations and a concierge service around the clock through live chat, phone, or email.

Why Promote Luxury Card? The card features several versions, i.e., the titanium, gold, or black versions. It offers the highest payout as affiliates can earn up to $405 per sale. Affiliates can also maximize the 30-day cookie life.


Cardratings Affiliate Program

CardRatings is a website resource for users. It posts shows credit card reviews and provides guidelines and various tools for users to improve their credit scores. Members can shortlist various credit cards based on score and select one that correctly matches their needs. This website works hand in hand with advertisers to generate leads and earn a commission for its website together with independent affiliates.

Why Promote CardRatings? They offer select credit card facilities for users. Affiliates can access a wide range of marketing tools and high payouts, for that matter.


Bank Affiliates Program

URL: http://www.bankaffiliates.com/publishers/

BankAffiliates hosts some top-rated credit card affiliate programs such as Personal Capital and Lexington Law affiliate programs. Besides being host to these popular credit card affiliate programs, BankAffiliates.com provides excellent card services such as retail banking, lending, and insurance services. The website is known to host contests and offer monthly bonuses for affiliates. In case of any issues, the advertisers can directly reach the website’s affiliate team.

Why Promote BankAffiliates.com? The website is host to some reputable credit card affiliate programs and offers a great selection of cardholders’ services. They offer affiliates high payouts. Nevertheless, one should check out the terms & conditions as the commission rate varies from one product to another.


Creditcardbroker Affiliate Program

URL: https://creditcardbroker.com/join/

Similar to Credit Assistance Network, CreditCardBroker.com acts as an exclusive host to only credit card affiliate programs. To become one of their affiliates, all you need to do is join the website. CreditCardBroker.com links you to some of the best affiliate programs revolving around every aspect of credit cards. These include credit reports, credit card offers, loans, and merchant accounts.

Why Promote CreditCardBroker.com? It offers a great selection of credit card services and products from some leading credit card affiliate programs. Affiliates get to enjoy high payouts and varying cookie life. Check their terms & conditions to determine the commission rate particulars for various products (varies).

Avianca LifeMiles credit card

Avianca Lifemiles creditcard Affiliate Program

The Avianca LifeMiles Credit Card- specially for the digital nomads or international travelers in the US. LifeMiles helps members enjoy a more rewarding lifestyle. The co-branded cards, Avianca Vida Visa and Vuela Visa provide users with additional ways to generate an income from LifeMiles. The CJ Affiliate monitors the program.

Why Promote Avianca LifeMiles? They offer affiliates high payouts, up to $200. Members get access to a set of marketing resources and tools. Furthermore, it provides a cookie duration of 30 days.

Upgrade credit card

Upgrade card Affiliate Program

The Upgrade Credit Card provides members with credit lines that go to a max of $20,000 and, unlike most credit cards, do not carry high-interest rates. Besides being a budget-friendly option, low interests make it easy for users to settle debts. This program’s interesting selling keys and high payouts make the program a good fit for affiliates.

Why Promote Upgrade Credit Card? They offer excellent credit card service to customers. Affiliates get to earn $60 per lead and enjoy a 30-day cookie life.


Transunion card Affiliate Program

TransUnion is a US-based credit card reporting company, helping users protect, understand, and monitor their credit scores. Some exclusive user benefits of this program include immediate credit alerts, unlimited access to credit scores, and a Lock Plus to protect your reports. The affiliate program is monitored using Commission Junction. Affiliates get access to exclusive tracking and marketing tools to kick start their enterprise.

Why Promote TransUnion? It a leading credit card reporting company. It offers high payout commissions ($20-$65) and excellent holder features. Besides, affiliates can maximize the extended 45-day cookie duration.


Viabuy Affiliate Program

Url: https://www.viabuy.com/service-experience/earn-money-affiliate-program-credit-cards.html

Viabuy offers MasterCards, specially designed for people struggling with poor credit scores. Joining the program is quick and easy- send an email to their website. Viabuy’s affiliate dashboard is user-friendly and quite reliable. Its unique selling point makes this program readily marketable.

Why Promote Viabuy? Affiliates get access to a set of marketing resources and tools. They offer members high payouts, 25-50 euros.


Multicards Affiliate Program

Url: https://www.multicards.com/en/affiliates/index.html

MultiCards has been in operation for over two and a half decades, offering online credit card services for processing payment solutions and internet transactions globally. It is quick and easy. MultiCards provide merchant account services for credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, iDeal, Euro Card, to name a few. They provide payment processing through GBP, USD, or even Euros. Also, it offers gateway services and personal information protection.

Why Promote MultiCard? It is accessible globally, making it readily marketable. It features a flexible processing payment terms. Platforms offer affiliates high conversion rates and access to various marketing tools.


Flexoffers Affiliate Program

Url: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/financial-services/credit-cards/

FlexOffers is a leading affiliate marketing network offering lots of leading exclusive features. They partner with advertisers, agencies, and top networks to incorporate over 50 new programs daily. For credit card affiliate programs, they currently work with Barclaycard and Amalgamated Bank of Chicago BankCard.

Why Promote FlexOffers? It is an acknowledged affiliate marketing. Affiliates get a chance to advertise multiple financial programs from a single network. Members receive high commission rates and can also improve these earnings by marketing some of their lucrative programs. Moreover, affiliates can access text links, data feeds, banner ads, tracking tools, and reliable affiliate support.

Credit Karma

Creditkarma Affiliate Program

Credit Karma offers members credit reports, insights, and scores at no hidden subscriptions or fees. All services are completely free, so no credit card needed. The program aims to provide users with expert financial advice to make well-informed financial decisions. Join their program by searching their program on Yazing.com.

Why Promote Credit Karma? It is 100% free, you can monitor your credit score and comes with other enticing offers. Affiliates earn $0.25 per conversion and can maximize with the 45-day cookie life.


That said, there are some of the most profitable credit card affiliate programs available across the globe. This niche is highly competitive and will need someone determined and agile to come up with a converting marketing strategy. We hope this article steers you in the right direction as you get your head into this multi-billion dollar industry.

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