18 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs in 2024

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Nothing is more booming than the real estate industry right now, and promoting it as an affiliate is no exception. Forbes estimated the total value of residential homes in the United States to be about 31.8 trillion, with a rise in home value of around 1.95 trillion dollars in 2018 alone. The real estate industry is at its all-time high, making it a perfect marketing niche.

However, the real estate business is quite competitive, which means that making money in this niche requires putting in the right effort and doing extensive research. To compete against renowned sites such as Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia, one should develop great marketing strategies, either by optimizing content with SEO or specializing on a sub-niche, within the more prominent real estate business. For those who are ready and willing to set out on this journey, the following are some of the best real estate affiliate programs to get you started.

Let’s check the List of the Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

1. Buildium

Buildium Affiliate Program

Buildium’s software helps real estate investors and owners efficiently manage their properties. This property management software performs several tasks, such as managing rental listings, monitoring budgets, paying vendors, doing extensive tenant screenings, and communicating with vendors, owners, vendors, etc.

New marketers can join this program through Impact. Buildium’s affiliate program allows you access to numerous tracking and marketing tools, hence enhancing affiliate experience. Related Real-estate blogs and websites can apply for membership.

Why Promote Buildium? It offers property management software and two affiliate programs. Also, affiliates stand a chance to earn recurring commissions (25%) through this software. Besides, Buildium allows users an extensive 60-day cookie period.

2. Real Estate affiliates

real estate affiliates

As the name suggests, Real Estate Affiliates is among the leading real estate affiliate networks. Thousands of affiliates, publishers, and brokers in the real estate industry use it to make money by marketing high-end affiliate offers.

Once you join the program, you get access to a wide range of marketing and monitoring tools. All you need to do is join and start generating commissions off each sale made using your referral link. Affiliates receive payments twice every month.

Why Promote Real Estate Affiliates? Affiliates can make up to 25% commission depending on product sales, and payments are made through PayPal or wire transfer. Moreover, users get to enjoy a 60-day cookie period.

3. Real Estate Express

Real estate express Affiliate Program

Real Estate Express is one of the leaders in this industry, having more than two decades of experience in real estate education. This program has helped people from more than 30 states start very successful careers in the real estate business. Aside from pre-license courses, their nationally accredited program offers post-license courses.

Once approved, marketers can access banner ads and logos for their website and numerous other marketing tools. The secure member portal allows easy monitoring of earnings and sales at any time. Real Estate Express handles all the training, certificates, and handle any technical issues. All you got to do is market the website.

Why Promote Real Estate Express? It is one of the leading real estate education platforms, not forgetting is accredited and has an extended cookie duration of 100 days. You can receive up to 25% commission.

4. Foreclosure

Foreclosure Affiliate Program

Foreclosuure.com is among the largest service provider for residential property foreclosure in the US. The company straightforwardly delivers excellent foreclosure services. Foreclosure is a national expert in reporting the status of defaulted properties. For affiliates, their website aims at offering the best commission rates.

Foreclosure.com streamlined the complete affiliate process, making it easy for marketers to start generating commissions. Members are only required to share their affiliate link and receive commissions an order is placed through it. All their affiliates have access to multiple marketing tools and content to begin generating leads.

Why Promote Forcelosure.com? They offer affiliates a very enticing commission (25%), with recurring monthly earnings. If you gain rank, you stand a chance of even generating a higher commission and maximize the 6-month cookie duration.

5. All Things Real Estate

All things real estate Affiliate Program

All Things Real Estate offers real estate agents with numerous marketing tools and materials for their business. The website emphasizes the importance of new and engaging marketing materials. The online store comprises homebuyer guides, customized gifts, yard and open house signs, and other advanced designs.

Marketers can access text links, logos, brand books, and ad banners, to name a few. Refersion manages this affiliate program. Affiliates can easily track their commissions and sales, view payment history, and download creatives.

Why Promote All Things Real Estate? They feature a modern twist to real estate marketing and have a wide array of products to market. The promotional tools and marketing materials make marketing easy. Also, they offer 30-day cookie duration and generate commissions of up to 20%.

6. Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO)

Corporate housing by owner Affiliate Program

Corporate Housing By Owner is a marketing platform that lets rental property managers or owners advertise their properties to companies and business professionals looking for a short-term residence.

CHBO warrants customers to get their rental property in 30 days from the date of listing. If not, they lengthen the annual listing, for free, for some additional six months. CHBO partners with ShareASale to monitor their affiliate program, which gives them access to a wide selection of text links, banner ads, reporting, and tracking tools.

Why Promote CHBO? They offer high, average order listings, and numerous marketing materials. Besides, CHBO’s demand is high worldwide, making it readily marketable. Affiliates earn 15% commission and can optimize earnings with the 45-day cookie duration.

7. Property MOB

Propertymob Affiliate Program

Property MOB is an active online community for real estate investors. They provide everything from virtual coaching, training courses, business advice, to virtual assistant training. Property MOB is also the leading CRM selling platform in the real estate industry.

Affiliates can make money through referrals to other colleagues, investors, and interested parties who might require their services. They partner with InfusionSoft to monitor their affiliate program. Once approved, advertisers can access text links and pre-designed banner ads. Furthermore, you can track sales and clicks through the affiliate portal.

Why Promote Property MOB? They offer excellent service and tools for property investors, and recurring monthly commissions are available. You get to enjoy a commission of up to 25% and an extended 30-day cookie life.

8. Lex Levinrad

Lexlevinrad Affiliate Program

Since the launch in 2003, Lex Levinrad has flipped, rented, and purchased more than 1,000 single-family houses. Lex is also CEO and founder of the Distressed Real Estate Institute. Both programs have helped thousands of students worldwide make money in the real estate industry.

Real estate blog owners, clubs, and blogs are welcome to this affiliate program. Members have access to email copies, affiliate support, banners, etc. You can also monitor sales and commission earnings made through wire transfer, Check, or PayPal.

Why Promote Lex Levinrad? They offer high commission, exclusive products, and resourceful real estate information. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission for most products, and maximize the extended 180-day cookie life.

9. BoldLeads

Boldleads Affiliate Program

If you want to start profiting from the real estate industry, get started with BoldLeads. This program allows you to market leads and can make up to $20 per lead. All you need to do is join this program as one of their affiliate agents.

They ask for basic information such as phone, email, name, and estimated monthly referrals you can make. Once activated, you are given a referral link. You will then use this link to generate referrals and market other real estate seller leads.

Why Promote BoldLeads? Affiliates can earn $20 per referral with BoldLeads. Furthermore, they offer monthly recurring commissions and access a wide array of promo codes and affiliate links. Note; payments are made instantly for any generated referral.

10. House Plan Gallery

Houseplangallery Affiliate Program

House Plan Gallery is among the leading home designer companies in the United States. The company’s plans have been used in more than 13,000 times in Canada, and the US. House Plan Gallery has gained recognition through numerous national awards for its attractive, highly-functional layouts, and affordable buildability.

House Plan Gallery’s affiliate program is perfect for real estate investors, agents, or related blogs, which recommend these plans to their viewers and clients. Advertisers only have to incorporate the affiliate link on their email or website promos and start generating commissions.

Why Promote House Plan Gallery? They are an award-winning layout designer, with an extended cookie duration, and very high average orders. Their affiliates can earn up to 15% for every sale, with average sales amounting to more than $100.

11. Vrbo affiliate program (formerly HomeAway)

Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo is a leading inventory program dealing company in vocational rentals. Also, Vrbo is an Expedia group company. It has over 2 million properties globally, which you can market as an affiliate and generate commissions. Once you become part of their team, they offer excellent affiliate support, immediate reporting, and monitoring of sales and commissions to help you become a better real estate affiliate.

HomeAway partners with Commission Junction to monitor their affiliate program. After approval, you can promote their products through social media and website campaigns. Moreover, you get access to a wide range of marketing tools and materials.

Why Promote Vrbo? Affiliates can make up to 3% commission per successfully rented, home listing referral. For new listings referred to the Vbro website, you can also earn $20. Vrbo credits its affiliates every month through PayPal.

12. LeadsBridge

Leadsbridge Affiliate Program

LeadsBridge offers a software that helps property agents generate more leads and make more sales. They are integrated with more than 330 CRMS and email marketing software. Like Real Estate Webmaster, LeadsBridge provides a full solution to streamline your business and ensure it runs smoothly.

Affiliates can monitor their commissions and clicks in real-time. They also get access to affiliate links, videos, pre-designed banners, social posts, and more in the member area. After reaching the set minimum payout of $100, the payments are processed through platform discounts, wire transfer, and PayPal.

Why Promote LeadsBridge? LeadsBridge is one of the leading, lead-generating suites, and software designed for property agents. Affiliates can benefit from numerous promotional and marketing tools to improve their business. Besides, you enjoy a high commission rate of 20% and extended cookie life of 90 days.

13. LendingTree

Lendingtree Affiliate Program

Since 1996, LendingTree has been helping people find the perfect mortgage space. The company has a vast network of lenders across the nation. Users can get numerous loan offers only by filling the simple form at the convenience of their mobile phones. LendingTree’s services are free, and also incorporate credit score updates and tracking for savings opportunities.

LendingTree partners with Impact Radius or Commission Junction to run their affiliate program. Both allow affiliates access to a wide range of tracking tools and marketing materials. If you own a real estate blog or website, you can become a perfect affiliate with LendingTree.

Why Promote LendingTree? It’s a leading online mortgage provider offering high conversion rates and multiple ways to generate commissions. Affiliates earn a commission of $1-70 per lead. LendingTree offers a 14-day cookie duration.

14. Realtor

Realtor Affiliate Program

For decades now, Realtor.com has been helping persons purchase their dream homes. Also known as the home for house search, this website provides detailed property listings for sale. Besides, they offer affiliates resourceful information and tools to help them make well-informed decisions during a home purchase.

Realtor.com partners with Viglink to run their affiliate program. If you have an account in this network, joining the program is quick and easy.

Why Promote Realtor.com? They offer excellent affiliate support and offer marketers great marketing and promotional tools. Affiliates earn $5 per lead. Even though this is very low, the site’s reputation precedes it; hence you might end up accruing some good sales.

15. Round Sky

Roundsky Affiliate Program

Round Sky is a top advertising agency located in the US. It mainly deals with a wide range of installment and personal loan products. They offer a user-friendly web interface, which allows for immediate generation of leads and making sales.

Since its launch in 2006, Round Sky has been a leading online marketing company for online lenders and publishers. They partner with CPA and revshare to monitor their affiliate program. This advertising agency offers affiliates with custom pixels and sub-id tracking tools.

Why Promote RoundSky? They are a leading advertising agency with over a decade of experience. Also, affiliates get access to numerous marketing tools and enticing commission rates.

16. For Sale By Owner

Forsalebyowner Affiliate Program

For Sale By Owner is revolutionizing the real estate industry in America. Here, owners can enjoy the full benefits of selling the home on their own, without any upfront commission payments. The expert team at this website offer homeowners comprehensive guidance on how to sell their home successfully, under their terms.

Why Promote For Sale By Owner? The site offers a free and instant listing process. It eliminates the middlemen, which is a plus for potential home sellers, making it easy to market for affiliates. Besides, advertisers get to enjoy excellent commission rates and a great selection of promotional tools.

17. DealCheck

Dealcheck Affiliate Program

DealCheck ranks as one of the best five real estate investment apps across five countries. It’s an excellent app for property agents, investors, and managers as they can use it to analyze the estimated market value of their property.

Why Promote DealCheck? Advertisers can monitor sales and access numerous marketing and promotional tools from the affiliate dashboard. They offer a generous 30% commission rate, not forgetting the recurring payments. Besides, members get to enjoy an extended 90-day cookie duration.

18. ForeclosureSearch.ca

Foreclosuresearch Affiliate Program

ForeclosureSearch.ca is among the leading property foreclosure listing sites in Canada. Members join paid membership to access the contact information of the foreclosure properties listed. It is important to buyers looking for a great deal on some property, but don’t have much time to go through the whole courthouse process. This site offers users any useful resources to learn everything they need to know about purchasing foreclosed properties.

Why Promote ForeclosureSearch.ca? It can save valuable effort and time by browsing through listed discounted properties. For affiliates, it a perfect chance to start generating commissions quickly. Advertisers earn up to 75% commission (recurring) and enjoy an extended 30-day cookie duration.


To conclude, these real estate affiliate programs are just the beginning of what’s possible. The best idea for the real estate industry is to pick out a specific niche that you’ll specialize in promoting. Whether it’s a real estate license, education provider, or investor, this industry is quite competitive. So, be ready to put in work to generate website traffic and leads.

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