15 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs for Game Bloggers in 2024

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming today is a multi-billion industry. If you are a game lover, you definitely understand the extent to which one can go to better their skills as they try to outdo one another. In 2017 alone, gamers in the United States splashed around 36 billion on gaming content, accessories, and hardware. The gaming industry is a fast-growing one, and affiliates need to take advantage of it.

So, how can affiliates benefit from this fast-rising niche? In this article, we are going to look into some of the best gaming affiliate programs. Remember, those who make good money, catch a new trend early. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

List of the best gaming affiliate programs that you can work with.

1. GameFly video game affiliate program

Gamefly Affiliate Program

With GameFly, gamers don’t have to visit video stores for new arrivals, as they can deliver right at your doorstep. GameFly offers a wide variety of games; players have more than 8,000 games to choose from. Gamers can rent, buy, or play these games at affordable costs. Besides, a gamer can easily make orders online through their easy to use mobile apps and website.

GameFly partners with commission junction to monitor their affiliate program. This website offers its affiliates with marketing tools, such as text links, banners, and more, to help track progress and attract a greater audience.

So, why promote GameFly? The website has compatible mobile apps, excellent product selection, and navigable websites. Affiliates get to earn $15-20 per lead. Besides, the site offers a 30-day cookie duration.

2. Chairs4Gaming – Gaming Gears Affiliate Program

Chairs4gaming Affiliate Program

Chairs4Gaming, as the name suggests, markets gaming chairs, reselling renowned brands such as AKRacing and DXRacer. They aim at providing quality at affordable prices. Gamers in Canada and the US will receive free shipping services. Besides, they ensure timely delivery, which is usually within five business days. They partner with Refersion to monitor their affiliate program. Cookie duration is 30-days.

So, why become an affiliate with Chairs4Gaming? Besides earning a 15% commission on sales, affiliates can also earn bonuses for excellent sales volumes, i.e., PayPal bonuses, store credit, a cost-free gaming chair, and more. They provide custom dashboard and discount code. Also, they cater for shipping costs, at 0% financing.

3. Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Affiliate Program

Secret Lab offers some state-of-the-art gaming chairs, made in the latest designs to enhance comfortability for long gaming hours. The two founder members of the company realized the need to create quality gaming chairs. They have compiled some great designers who work passionately to improve product quality and come up with new designs every time.

Why Promote Secret Lab? Despite offering a short 7-day cookie trial, they offer affiliates an excellent commission rate (12%). Their products are quite affordable but still come at a considerable commission, which means 12% will add up well for affiliates. They have a personalized affiliate dashboard for real-time monitoring. The founder members are gamers who stay in touch with the latest developments and trends to satisfy gamer needs.

4. G2Deal Affiliate Program

G2deal Affiliate Program

G2Deal offers a wide variety of activation codes for gamers at affordable prices. These include Xbox Live cards, PSN codes, software keys, online games, and more. They partner with ShareASale to monitor their affiliate program. Affiliates get a 30-day cookie life.

Why promote G2deal? The website is accommodating affiliates by providing them with marketing tools, i.e., text links, ads, and more. You get to earn an 8-15% commission per lead. G2deal offers a wide variety of marketing materials, not mentioning promoting its 50-50 chance section. This section is a ‘roll the dice’ to see if you win the much-coveted annual titles for a nice reward.

5. Leprestore

Leprestore Affiliate Programs

Are you a gamer but not always available to farm for experience points? Leprestore is a gamer’s service made for you. You subscribe, and it will automatically gain your account access and farm experience points on your selected character. It works for Apex Legends, World of Warcraft, and Destiny 2.

Leprestore, founded in 2013, has thousands of trusted members, guaranteeing visitors’ account security. Members receive quality service, all at an affordable cost.

Why promote Leprestore? Affiliates get to earn a 15% commission per lead. Also, they offer an extensive 90-day cookie duration.

6. Zygor Game Guides

Zygor Guides Affiliate Programs

World of Warcraft gamers can enjoy detailed guides with Zygor Guides. These guides will help you reach new levels of gaming experience and attain gold quickly and easily. They offer visitors a free trial for testing before joining the membership.

Why promote Zygor Guides? Zygor guides offer quality service to a popular game; in turn, you can generate leads quickly. As affiliates, you earn a decent 50% commission. Considering their subscription model, you might be making $42.99 per lead, which is quite promising.

7. Modded Zone

ModdedZone Affiliate Programs

ModdedZone is one of the biggest gamer-controller modification company. They make numerous custom-made controllers for PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX 360, and more. ModdedZone taps the latest board-controller technologies, continually looking for ways to improve their members’ experience.

ModdedZone monitors its affiliate program using ShareASale. An average order goes for $150, and charge no shipping costs. They also provide affiliates with marketing tools such as text links, banner ads, and tracking tools.

Why promote ModdedZone? Being one of the largest custom gaming Controller companies, ModdedZone keeps touch with the latest technologies. Affiliates benefit from the extensive 90-day cookie duration. They offer affiliates a 10% commission on sales.

8. World Winner

Worldwinner Affiliate Programs

Would you like to participate in real tournaments and win a cash prize? World Winner is an esports focusing on casual game types, such as Solitaire Rush, Wheel of Fortune, Pop and Plunder, Spider Solitaire, Angry Birds Champions, and Scrabble. These tournaments are quite exciting, with some skill and luck, you can walk away with a mouth-watering cash prize. Players have various options, i.e., head to head, multiplayer, and select preferred levels. Also, players may practice tournaments for free.

Why promote World Winner? Unlike other esports websites, which focus on intense, and violent games, gamers get a chance to play some casual games. An affiliate with their program can earn $25 as commission.

9. GeekBuying for Gaming Products

Geekbuying Affiliate Programs

Geek Buying is an e-commerce platform that prioritizes customer satisfaction. They are a renowned brand, multiple marketing products, timely delivery, not mentioning their excellent customer service. This website does not focus on gaming alone, but gamers can find many useful resources, such as gaming accessories, laptops, gadgets, wearable devices, and more. They have an in-house affiliate program.

Why promote Geek Buying? Geek Buying has excellent customer service, hence attracting many loyal customers. They have numerous warehouses across various countries to ensure timely delivery at affordable costs to all their customers. Affiliates earn up to 20% sales commission plus $5 for a bonus subscription. As affiliates, you will advertise the tech products and make an extra income from other product categories, i.e., clothing, shoes, and toys. Also, they offer a 30-day cookie period.

10. Wargaming

Wargaming Affiliate Programs

Wargaming is a renowned company for its released gaming series (over 15) and a free, easy play model. Nonetheless, they provide exclusive in-app purchases. In their 20 years’ experience, they know all the key contributors to a good game. They have an in-house affiliate program.

Why promote Wargaming? The website gaming series is quite popular. They attract a significant audience with their free playing model. Nevertheless, serious players can make in-app purchases, which earn affiliates a commission. Only after joining their program, will you get a clear insight into their commission rates.

11. Humble Bundle

Humblebundle Affiliate Programs

Gamer lovers who are looking for quality content at comfortable prices should check out Humble Bundle. They offer game series, softwares, ebooks, and other resources for gamers. This company supports charity through each of their sales. Customers can select their preferred charity support from over 20,000 options.

The ‘bundle’ option is a package of related products that customers get to purchase, at a discounted price. These packages change with time and are currently selling individual products. They also develop their game series and provide a subscription service.

Why promote Humble Bundle? They provide customers with a flexible and unique pricing plan. Affiliates earn a flat rate of $10 per lead and a 5-15% on individual or bundle product sales.


MMOGA Affiliate Programs

Having been in operation for over 12 years, MMOGA has quite some experience with gaming service. Their customer reviews speak for them. MMOGA offers multiple games across various gaming categories for its customers. Moreover, they also provide gaming cards, keys, items, and bonuses. MMOGA’s product prices are quite affordable for all.

Why promote MMOGA? The company has been in experience for over 12 years and has a massive following of loyal customers. MMOGA has access to more than 10,000 publishers, increasing the potential earning for its affiliates. An affiliate will make a decent 10-15% commission.

13. Kinguin

Kinguin Affiliate Program

Are you looking for a site where you can quickly and easily trade (buy or sell) video games? We suppose you should check out Kinguin. Kinguin boasts over 4 million loyal customers and is becoming an alternative to Battle/Steam.net. This website covers multiple gaming categories, i.e., MMO, strategy, action, and more. Also, they provide some softwares, for instance, Windows and MS Word OS keys. Apart from the normal affiliate program, they have an Affiliate-Pro plan as well, where you can earn a 10% commission.

Why promote Kinguin? In addition to providing exclusive buyers or sellers platform, Kinguin supports charity. They even host tournaments to support their charity work. Affiliates will earn up to 10%.

14. ASTRO Gaming Affiliate Program

Astro Gaming Affiliate Program

AstroGaming creates state-of-the-art gaming accessories to improve gaming experience, such as gaming backpacks, headphones, apparel, earbuds, and more. AstroGaming is revolutionizing video gaming through these products. They use AvantLink to monitor their affiliate program, offering affiliates with tracking tools and up to date creatives.

Why promote AstroGaming? They offer an extensive 180-day cookie trial period and quality gaming accessories. Affiliates earn 5% sales commission, even for foreign websites- whether it is French, German, Canadian, or English.

15. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Affiliate Program

Green Man Gaming is an excellent gaming tech company for millions of gaming lovers worldwide. They offer a wide variety of games, multiple platforms, i.e., indie, and AAA, at friendly prices. Green Man Gaming works with game developers in publishing and supports them throughout the whole journey. They also facilitate competitions and product giveaways. Their affiliate program is monitored using Commission Junction. They also have an influencer ambassador program for social media influencers.

Why promote Green Man Gaming? The company has a broad audience, due to its excellent video game choices, all at friendly prices. They offer affiliates marketing assistance and tools. You will earn 2-5% for new or returning members. They have a 30-day tracking period.

16. Fanatical

Fanatical Affiliate Program

Fanatical is a renowned gamer’s website, having sold more than 50 million licensed gaming keys to over 1.5 million game lovers. Fanatical has over 800 developers, such as Warner Bros, SEGA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda. They offer new gaming deals daily. The company’s reviews on Trustpilot speak volumes (4.7/5 stars). Fanatical monitor their affiliate program using Commission Junction. Affiliates get access to marketing tools, such as tracking links, and banner ads.

Why promote Fanatical? The website is a reputable brand, having sold more than 50 million keys. They offer 30-day cookie tracking. Affiliates can earn a 2-5% commission per lead.

17. CDKeys

CDKeys Affiliate Program

In addition to selling numerous games, at friendly prices, CDKeys specializes in marketing licensed gaming keys. Other digital products include PS network cards, expansion packs, and gaming cards for iTunes, Origin, Facebook, Steam, and Google Play. They offer flexible financing options, i.e., PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Credit cards.

Why promote CDKeys? CDKeys specialize in a limited niche and are faring well. Aside from offering multiple products, they focus on flexibility by providing various payment options. Their affiliates earn a 5% sales commission.

18. Twitch

Twitch Affiliate Program

As one of the world’s most extensive and recognized streaming platforms, Twitch is an excellent option for gamers. Gamers who are looking forward to becoming affiliates should consider this option. The platforms program is unique and requires less marketing. After gaining access to their affiliate program, they will provide you with additional features to aid in generating more income.

Why promote Twitch? Twitch is a reputable gaming website, hence attracts enormous traffic. The commission affiliates earn is variable according to individual performance. If used the right way, there are some significant potential earnings for affiliates here.

19. Killer Guides

  • Url: https://www.killerguides.net/affiliate
  • Commission: 40%

Killer Guides offers comprehensive and up to date gaming strategies and guides for various games, such as Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, the famous World of Warcraft, Second Life, and more. These guides help the gamer’s master character quickly and unlock hidden clues for progressing to new gaming levels. Their guides comply with each game’s particular policy terms, so members will not be at risk of getting banned or miscalculating their moves.

Why promote Killer Guides? They offer useful and relevant guides for gamers, hence an excellent resource for MMO game lovers. As affiliates, you will enjoy a decent 40% commission for your sales. Also, you get individualized support and receive free guides to review before marketing.


In conclusion, these are the best gaming affiliate programs to monetize your game blogs. As an affiliate, you should select a niche that will suit you best- be it gaming chairs, gaming laptops, game keys, gaming gears, game rentals, etc. Your chosen niche should be profitable enough, have a broad audience, and readily marketable. Do not limit yourself! There are multiple other ways to generate income as an affiliate, i.e., product reviews, guides, top listings, and more. We hope this article gives you a head start, but research more before joining any program.

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